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#pieForBreakfast – with “TheWomen”

I have these friends…I call them “The Women”. At some point, years ago, we talked about calling ourselves that because we all watched our mothers (or women before us) have women in their lives that were known for hosting showers, bringing meals, celebrating babies/grandbabies, attending weddings and parties, etc.  Basically, they were the dependable ones in… Continue reading #pieForBreakfast – with “TheWomen”


We work hard…and we play hard! #staffbowling2016 #colorbowl2016

October 19, 2016 At my office there is a “thing” that we do every year…it’s crazy and fun and sometimes, well…a tad bit competitive. It’s been “over the top” in some years and ALWAYS an awesome day for pictures (which is, obviously, the reason I love it). This year, in keeping with one of our… Continue reading We work hard…and we play hard! #staffbowling2016 #colorbowl2016


#thisisFIFTY – Tom’s Whataburger Birthday Party – 2015

I haven’t even written about MY fabulous birthday back in July…which was AWESOME and AMAZING and FUN, but can’t help myself – I just want to share about Tom’s! Maybe because it was hilarious, spontaneous and I’m just truly thankful for all that participated! Weeks before my man turned 50, I asked him how he… Continue reading #thisisFIFTY – Tom’s Whataburger Birthday Party – 2015

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#ftfOlderWomen – July 31, 2015

  ftf =Favorite Things Friday (And as I’ve mentioned before – most of my favorite “things” are people!) To all my girlfriends…consider this a public service announcement… HANG OUT WITH OLDER WOMEN! I just had lunch with some amazing women – all are “besties” to my mom. They were meeting for lunch and invited me… Continue reading #ftfOlderWomen – July 31, 2015


#proudmommoment – February 16, 1995

Aren’t you just soooooo thankful for calendar reminders? I’m not talking about meeting reminders or “need to pay the water bill” kind of stuff (although, there are days that I definitely appreciate them). I’m talking about those reminders that point to important DATES that you think you will ALWAYS remember, but then the actual dates… Continue reading #proudmommoment – February 16, 1995


January 11th: Yep – it’s that time of year…again.

This morning I woke up and thought…”UGH…TODAY is THE day…the one that I dread and often pray an angel (or REALLY great friend) would show up to handle for me.  It’s the “Take Christmas Down… and Stuff It Back In The Boxes”  Day. Usually this happens before January 11th – but this year we celebrated… Continue reading January 11th: Yep – it’s that time of year…again.