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#ftf – Erin

#ftf = Favorite “Things” Friday!  (Most of the time I write about people!)

One of the “perks” of my job is the blessing of being surrounded by amazing women. Women of all different ages and phases of life.  I love that I know that I can learn from all of them.

My friend, Erin, is a perfect example of a woman that also values relationships and appreciates having women of different ages in her life. We began our friendship after meeting at church (plus her husband and I work together on staff) and it deepened as we began seeing each other at MOMS after she had her son.  She is someone that I was immediately drawn to when we met, and I was thrilled when she invited me to meet up over coffee.  I don’t remember all that we discussed that first meeting, but I do remember she would ask a question and then sit back and listen to my answer. Erin wasn’t rushed and she didn’t jump from one thing to another – she stayed with a subject till we were both ready to move on. She was also real with the way she responded to my questions about her life.  It was one of those meetings that I walked away from thinking, “That girl is awesome…I can’t wait to get to know her more.”

As time has gone on (after the baby came), we changed our coffee date to meeting at Erin’s house – during naptime. We share lunch or a beverage and just chat.  Our conversations include “mom stuff”, marriage, friendship, lifegroup/youth/church, culture, movies, our personal relationship with Jesus, etc.  I always walk away with more questions to ask or things to share…


If you are not using Marco Polo – you should be! It could also be listed as one of my “ftf”.  It’s been an amazing tool for me to stay connected to family and friends.  Friends like Erin.

On my new (since March) commute from McKinney to Plano, communicating over Marco Polo has been a true gift. In regards to Erin – I believe it’s helped us connect and go deeper…and works with MY crazy schedule AND HERS!

Often I’ll leave her a message as I drive to work and by the time my day is done, she’s replied and left a video/message for me. We fill each other in on what’s happening in our day, we share prayer requests, and we ask daily/weekly questions like, “What’s your favorite color?”, “What’s your dream car?” and “What’s your favorite holiday?”. We also ask a lot of “What do you think about…?” questions.  I love seeing that I have a message from her…and love that she keeps me company on my 30 minute drive!

(Erin: Sorry friend for the “real life” photos!  But at least you aren’t always sideways like I am! #phoneOnTheDashIssues)

Some things I’ve learned about my friend (through “MP” and face-to-face):

She’s HILARIOUS! Last October/Halloween she arrived at MOMS in a “costume” – when I realized “what” she was, I died laughing…she was ME! (dressed in a swing dress – which tends to be my “uniform”, with a Simple Strand necklace).

erin 8

(I was actually wearing something different that day – but called Tom to bring up the matching outfit!)

She is also an incredible baker and uses her gifts to love on people like me…one day on Marco Polo she asked me what kind of cake I had on my birthday (earlier that week) and if it was my favorite flavor. When I replied that I didn’t have a birthday cake this year, she made it her mission to make sure she made me one!  Look at this incredible cake she presented me with the next time we saw each other (and this was after it rode in the car for 30 minutes!)…

What I also know of Erin is that she is gentle (yet tough!), kind, compassionate, loving, passionate about all people, a strong leader, wonderful mom and daughter, and a HUGE SUPPORTER of her man!

Recently Erin’s husband accepted a new role in our church – one that will stretch both Erin and her husband. It’s a BIG role! I hope I’ve been seen (by them) as a HUGE FAN and “Cheerleader” in their lives – cause it’s certainly how I feel. I’m so proud of them both and know that Jeremy is going to do an amazing job…but so is Erin.

I sat behind them a few weeks ago in church and couldn’t help not taking these photos. To me it represents them worshipping and serving individually – with their own unique gifts and talents…but also the truth that they work so well together as a team/couple.  This couple – they have done and will do great things!

Erin 1

erin 2

Erin…you are one of my favorite “things” – truly you are a surprise gift from God to me.

I hope you never doubt that “I am for you”. I love you, friend!

(And Just FYI- I’m leaving the coffee shop in Plano and heading home to McKinney…which probably means I’ll be sending you an “MP” in a few minutes!)

Erin 9

#WonderIfTheMessageIsFromYou ??

erin 6

Oh, and we need to take a pic when you are not in a “costume”!  #prisonMichelle #TheOfficeParty


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