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#FamilyReunion – Thanks to COVID-19

We are now two weeks in to quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus and I could write for days about the things that are weird, different and hard.  Many of us have had to give up and grieve over events and freedoms that we typically have and are now missing.  Personally, this is a sad weekend because we had planned to be spending it in a beautiful cabin in the woods with dear friends. I trust that it will happen sometime in the future but it’s still something that I’m disappointed over.

A wise friend of mine mentioned that she was keeping a pros/cons list about this time and that she was “Surprised because I have WAY more pros than cons!”.  Basically, it’s all about perspective, right?  We can choose to focus on all that we are missing/giving up/are fearful about (and yes, we need to process that) OR we can choose to think of the GOOD that is coming from our present reality.

Today I’m writing about one of the GREAT things that has come from this…

I often share/post about my side of our family – “The Lynn’s”.  We have monthly dinners (that always include a group photo) and spend holidays together and summer afternoons in my mom’s pool.  I love that my siblings live close and I see my nieces and nephews often.

The other extreme is Tom’s side of the family.  His father, his siblings and their families live all across the country – California, Oregon and Florida.  We long to be with them but we often go months without even communicating. “Be a Better Eubanks Family Member” is almost always on my New Year Resolution list or any personal goal sheet I fill out.  I grieve over not being very well connected with everyone and hate that I haven’t had a front row seat in watching our nieces and nephews in their daily lives (or even holidays!).

We have talked for years about putting together a FAMILY REUNION and often promise that it’s going to happen.

It hasn’t.

Until #covid19!

Enter “ZOOM” (if you haven’t used this tool – you should) and the ability to plan a “Family Reunion” (through email) with two days notice and have EVERYONE there (well, except Breanna and family – but that’s another story)!


Eubanks Family Reunion – Sunday, March 22nd – 5:30pm

While some of us had some challenges as first time users, we giggled and laughed as we attempted to get everyone on (with mics and video working) – it took 35 minutes!  Once settled, it was a BLAST to see everyone and take turns filling each other in on life.  There were silly practical jokes and picking fun at each other, as well as some serious talk about COVID19 (our brother-in-law is an ER Physician) – basically, a typical gathering that I’ve missed so much.  While this hasn’t filled the void of being together in person, it was AWESOME to see and hear from OUR WHOLE FAMILY…all at once! I’m hoping that by just connecting more, we will be even more committed to making a face-to-face reunion actually happen.

I’m thankful for this time in history…the technology that we have available to us is INCREDIBLE.  Let’s use it to connect and reach out to each other. No- it’s NOT the same as being there in person…I’m missing hugging people like crazy!  But – it’s pretty much “second best” and I’m really thankful for that!

#FamilyReunion2020onZOOM <-who would have thunk it!

covid 5

About to sign off (Kevin and Christine to leave early)…

“Say Cheese” – or as my Father-in-law would say, “Say – WHISKEY!” 🙂

Who could you ZOOM with? Super easy…it’s FREE and I even taught my 83 year old mom to do it!! 😊

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One thought on “#FamilyReunion – Thanks to COVID-19

  1. I miss our family times and sharing more of our lives together. But it’s my own fault – ‘you always have time for the things you put first!’


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