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#ftfOlderWomen – July 31, 2015


ftf =Favorite Things Friday

(And as I’ve mentioned before – most of my favorite “things” are people!)

To all my girlfriends…consider this a public service announcement…


I just had lunch with some amazing women – all are “besties” to my mom. They were meeting for lunch and invited me along since part of the gathering was to celebrate her 78th birthday.


Some of these sweet women have been friends for over 45 years!

(and, hello…I’ve known the “Birthday Girl” for over 50 years myself!!) 🙂

Most (ok…ALL) of my friends know that I LOVE WOMEN…I believe this comes from my deepest desire to have a sister – all the way back to when I was in grade school and was jealous over “the sisters” that lived across the street. While I had two older brothers (that I loved), I was always jealous of Cathy Carroll and the fact that she had sisters. I yearned for someone that thought braiding hair or fooling with makeup was cool or that could go before me in asking permission to shave my legs or set the rules with boyfriends, etc. I dreamed of sharing a room and talking as we fell asleep (probably explains my love of slumber parties and late night chats).

I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m so fascinated by and love watching/experiencing “women friendships”. I love hearing about women having deep relationships with their girlfriends and sisters. It’s definitely why I have prayed EVERY day for the last 26 years for our three daughters to be best friends.


I’m thankful that I had a GREAT role model when it comes to making friendships a priority. My mom is an AWESOME friend…she’s loyal, kind, giving…she’s an ENCOURAGER TO THE CORE! I wish I had a PENNY (cause that’s all it would take for me to be a millionaire) for every time someone mentioned to me that they received “the sweetest note/card from your mom” or that she left “flowers/a small gift on my porch the other day”, etc., etc., etc.!  I mean really, have YOU ever taken flowers back to the doctor’s office cause the receptionist wasn’t pleasant to you and you thought it might cheer them up?? That’s the kind of woman my mom is!

I’m thankful that today I was blessed to be with 4 of her best friends…all women that are WISE (well beyond their years – and HELLO…they are in their 70’s/80’s!) and FUNNY…and, dare I say “hip”! I loved listening to their conversations about smart phones, politics, hoarding (haha), church, cultural changes, their personal relationship with God, updates on their children, and health (did you know that they use botox for things other than your face??). I learned a LOT! 🙂

The "J Club" Jodi, Judy, Judy (Mom), Jean and Joni!
The “J Club”
Jodi, Judy, Judy (Mom), Jean and Joni!

So – today my “ftf” (Favorite Thing Friday) goes to “older women”. Those that have walked a little further than me…that have soooooooo much to offer and (in my opinion) are often under-utilized and not shown the respect or appreciation that they deserve.

Thank you ladies…to those I spent time with today and many, many others that have been “besties” with my mom.  Personally, I thank you for praying me through life. I know that you have been on your knees for me many times through the years…especially those “teen years”. Thanks for your friendship to her, for decades…and for sharing your lunch with me today! You remain a blessing to us both!


Evidently I needed the "photobomber" to make me smile?? :)  Had no idea he was there till I uploaded this photo!
CRACKING UP over the “photobomber”!  Had no idea he was there till I uploaded this photo!

Oh, and since her birthday was REALLY yesterday – here are two pics from that celebration!  Just can’t celebrate her enough! #ilovemymom

Mom's bday

I mean, ADORABLE, right? #lovemyparents #socute
I mean, ADORABLE, right? #lovemyparents #socute

2 thoughts on “#ftfOlderWomen – July 31, 2015

  1. Lori, I love this tribute! I would be lost without my bestie sisters in Christ!
    I only had two brothers also; both have passed. I thank God every day for my women friends. Your Mom and I shared a beautiful chunk of our journey together. She joined other women every Saturday morning at 6 a.m. On my family room For our Love life Bible study as we strived to be the wives God called us to be. I remember the two slumber parties we had; one in my home; one in yours. We are never too old to be silly, giggle, share stories. I love that you have three daughters! I do remember sharing prayers for your teen years!!!! You are a lovely woman and bless you for honoring your Mama. She is one of a kind!!!!


  2. Dear Judy,
    So happy you had such a great birthday party, you deserve it. You have been my very best friend since 1970. If I am wrong please me. You always had a smile and gave the best advice. I love you much and Happy Birthday many times over. Love Rose Riga


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