#thisisFIFTY – Tom’s Whataburger Birthday Party – 2015

I haven’t even written about MY fabulous birthday back in July…which was AWESOME and AMAZING and FUN, but can’t help myself – I just want to share about Tom’s! Maybe because it was hilarious, spontaneous and I’m just truly thankful for all that participated!

Weeks before my man turned 50, I asked him how he wanted to celebrate. The question came right after he planned an amazing party for MY 50th – complete with a BUNCH of my favorite people! His answer was, “I do NOT want a “party”…I’m fine with doing nothing!” Obviously – that wasn’t going to work for ME so- I kept pressuring him. Finally he said (completely kidding), “Ok…just let me go with a few guys to Whataburger!” I, of course, rolled my eyes and dropped the subject.

Weeks later, and in a really busy season of work for me, I had NOTHING planned and the day was quickly approaching. Then it hit me – “Why–not give the man what he asked for??” 🙂

So- I sent out an invite to a bunch of men (and yes, I know I missed people…I’m soooo sorry!) and invited them to WHATABURGER…praying that a few would be available just 48 hours after I sent the email! I was so impressed when men started replying “yes – I’ll be there” IMMEDIATELY! I arranged for a friend to stop by the house and pick Tom up – and Brian delivered him to his #whatabirthday at #whataburger!

After they left – I posted this pic on social media…I was excited that I just pulled off a great party and all I had to do was send a cake and giftcards to pay for their meals! The best part was – I didn’t even have to leave my own living room!


One of the biggest blessings a wife can have is to know her man has some GREAT men in his life. The kind of men that are fun (and would show up to eat a burger to celebrate you turning old), who have history with him (whether from high school, early married life or just several months), who he has things in common with (like camping/sports, work, serving), and who love the Lord, are men of strong Godly character, and are strong leaders in their families. In these pictures – I see those kind of men. Your friendship means the world to Tom…and to me.

DSC_0005 DSC_0007 DSC_0010 DSC_0013 DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0019 DSC_0020 DSC_0022 DSC_0026DSC_0021

SOOOO thankful for this group of men (and those that left before they got this picture together).

My favorite picture of the night is this one… (honestly –  I cried when I first saw it)…


…Thanks Dirk (and all those present) for praying over my husband!

Tom:  My prayer is that you loved what you “requested”…and felt loved as you were celebrated by many!

Happy Birthday, love. You make 50 look really, really good!

#whataBIRTHDAY !

Oh….and since we ended up with some money left on gift cards – a few days later, on his actual birthday, we met at Whataburger for lunch. At that meal I was introduced to Vincent – the GM for this location. He was THRILLED to see Tom (was there the night of the party) and called him by name – and even gave him the appropriate order number! 🙂


Since that time, we have seen Tom’s new BFF/Vincent several times. I’m thinking we might be doing holidays with him in the future (kidding – I think!?!). The following week we stopped in and Vincent wanted Tom’s opinion on a new sandwich they will be offering soon – Tom (and Brian) gave it two thumbs up!


And if you go to the Whataburger on Central/75 in Plano – tell Vincent that your friend Tom sent you!

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