#ftfPHIL – Our awesome son-in-law!

I’ve decided to officially make Fridays (on this little blog) – “Favorite Things Friday” (aka: #ftf). This is totally a selfish decision – one that forces me to take some time to think, process and write/post more regularly.  I’m envisioning sharing some random “stuff” that I like – but, honestly, most will probably be about individual people.

People – they are my favorite “things” EVER! 🙂

So- today…I pick #ftfPHIL .

Phil –

Five years ago today, I watched as Tom walked our precious girl down the aisle and handed her (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) over to YOU – the one that stole her heart. I will admit that I was caught up in the emotional moment of the beauty in the room, the family and friends that were there, the way my daughter beamed on her father’s arm and the look on your face when you saw your bride. Tom, on the other hand, was only focused on ONE thing – the words HE needed to say.

The day of the wedding I saw Tom mentally “practicing” his role and thought it was “cute” that he seemed a little nervous.  But – now I know that he wasn’t worried about getting the words out “correctly” – he just felt the weight of each one. Truly it was a BIG deal to him (as it should have been) to trust you to love and care for his daughter.

I want you to know that we believed in YOU from the start…from that first time we met you for lunch (before you were even “dating”) and you let your desire be known that you wanted more than a friendship with her. We feel in love with you as you worked hard to sweep her off her feet and then come to the point of showing up at our door on bended knee.


We believed in you the day Tom said those 4 “little” (HUGE) words in front of a church full of people…and most importantly, God. We believed you when you took your vows – promising to love, honor and cherish Britt.

kiss - 2

Thanks for never giving us a doubt or concern that the decision to welcome you into our family wasn’t a GREAT idea. Thanks for the peace that we KNOW that you were “meant to be” in our family and as the head of the “Lucia branch” of #teamELF. Thanks for making your marriage a priority and working hard to figure out this “husband” role that you have taken. Thanks for your willingness to seek wise counsel from others and to not settle for “ok” or “good”…but to strive for GREAT.  Thanks for leading your family spiritually – making church a priority, as well as seeking relationships with others that point you to Christ as well.  We are so very proud of you.

We hope we made it CLEAR to you on March 13, 2010 that we loved you. We want to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that that is still true and to add that we are FOR you as well. Our desire is only to build your marriage up and support you as the leader of your family. If you feel like we have EVER failed to do that well, please forgive me/us.

Thanks for loving our/YOUR girl and for never giving us (especially Tom) a reason to question his response when Drew asked, “Who gives this women?….”

 “Her Mother and I.”


We love you – happy anniversary.

Lori  (with Tom’s nod of approval!)

Oh….and thanks for having a BLAST at your wedding reception!  I still love looking at the pictures of you soooooooooooooooo happy. It was a FUN night…and a great start to your life together!

wedding weekend 310

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