Tom and Lori - 1

I’m just a woman trying to figure out what the “empty nest” stage of life looks like.  I’m beyond thankful I’m in love with my best friend/husband of 35 years and have three amazing daughters and two awesome sons-in-law!  Life is sweeter with the addition of our first three grandchildren – a boy (#lukethomas), a two little girls (#aisleyelizabeth and #landryjane) that you will absolutely read about here!  I’m CRAZY in love with them all!

Outside of family life,  I love to empower women to life abundantly free because of the deep, deep love that Jesus has for them (and me!).  I’m a “life change junkie” and love that my job (supporting/pastoring women) often gives me a front row seat to what God is up to in lives around me.  My husband and I have a passion for family/marriage – and know that that comes from working incredibly hard on ours. All praise goes to God for the incredible things He has done in our family.

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