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A Year Without Sheri – (aka: A #fiveOverFiftyFOREVER update) – June 18, 2020

Our sweet friend Sheri died one year ago today. I typically don’t use the phrase “we lost her” because we know where she is…in heaven with her Savior, Jesus.

I remember the phone ringing early in the morning and Tom jumping up to run to the hospital to be with her husband. The day before we had spent the whole day together (as a tribe and with her family and friends) – offering lots of hugs, “I love you’s” and a mix of sorrowful tears and genuine laughter as we spoke of her life.

As a group, we miss her dearly -especially each Tuesday as we continue to meet together. We have remained faithful to pray for her husband and boys (although I need to be better at letting them know that regularly). Often something is shared that brings up a memory of her…how she thought Jenn was the funniest person on the planet, what snacks/dessert remind us of her, some piece of wisdom she shared with all of us, the things we miss, etc. It’s been a hard year without her – and yet we have continued…just like she would have wanted.

To celebrate her birthday last week, we asked Chris if we could plant a tree/bush in their backyard, in her honor. He was appreciative and knew the spot he would enjoy – a place he would see regularly.

Last sunday we gathered at Chris’ to bring the tree by and to see how much work he has done to the backyard – it’s beautiful and I know it’s been one of the ways he has stayed busy and helped him get through this first year.

A Pink Crepe Myrtle for our friend!
Our men! They are a huge part of #fiveOverFifty – after all…they give us lots to pray about! 🙂
(#lukethomas wanted in the picture…I thought I could cut his head out but then it just looked weird! Plus – Sheri loved kids so – she would be fine with him being represented!)

Shortly after Sheri died, Chris send us each a card filled with sweet words and a gift card to nudge us to put a girls trip together – knowing that it would please Sheri for us to have something fun to look forward to. Before #covid hit we put a date on the calendar and have been looking forward to a trip, in her honor, to Florida in September. It will certainly be strange to do a girls trip without her but I’m thankful for the timing (we all need a BREAK/time away). I know there will be moments of tears – missing our girl – but there will also be plenty of laughter and joy as we continue on…because that’s what she wanted for us.

I’m thankful for your life, Sheri O’Dell -and knowing that one day #fiveOverFifty will, truly, be together FOREVER.


If you want to read more about our friend – I wrote a few blogs about our friendship and her courageous fight (that she WON) with cancer.


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