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#ftf – Connie

#ftf – Favorite Things Friday: sometimes I write about things (but usually people) that are my favorite!                    

I have this friend…her name is Connie.  While I love to claim her as “my friend”, the truth is that I love that so many others claim her as well.  She is one of those people that makes you feel uniquely special (each and every time you interact with her) and she has this “superpower” that allows her to make others feel the same way!

Connie is usually the first one to bring you dinner (often when you don’t even know you need it…but, trust me, YOU NEED IT – especially when it includes her famous “sauce”!).

She’s the first one to write and mail a card – and she doesn’t write ONE sentence of encouragement…she fills that thing completely up (often writing on every side). 

She drops off little “sussies” for any occasion (and sometimes the “occasion” is that it’s a Thursday!).

Sussie – noun; an unexpected gift. A present. A surprise!

Since we both LOVE “fall”, I always receive some surprise to help celebrate that it’s coming – and sometimes that happens in May (as soon as Hobby Lobby puts out fall decor)!

Honestly – she is one of the best gift givers I know, and while it’s awesome to be on the receiving end, that’s not what I love most about her.

Connie oozes Jesus. She LOVES like Him. She shares her gifting, resources and heart like Him. She celebrates life change like Him. She looks for the good and praises Him for it. And, even in the dark times when her mind wants her to believe something different, she trusts and KNOWS that He is GOOD and He is with her. She’s great at reminding others of that truth as well.

Today – on a random Friday afternoon during a pandemic, I sat down to write my friend a note of encouragement.  Just as I had addressed the envelope, the doorbell rang and a box of warm cookies arrived…of course, Connie had sent them!

I had just written in my note to her, “I know that God wants to delight us – let’s look for it OK? Tell me when you see something cool!”

So- instead I’m telling HER (and anyone reading this) that I saw something cool today! I saw two friends that spent the morning texting each other about life and wanting to encourage each other. I saw two friends that God has joined together and are often WEIRDLY in-sync (although we both acknowledge that it’s the Holy Spirit placing us on each other’s hearts).  I, once again, saw my sweet relationship with Connie for the gift that it is. It’s a REALLY cool friendship!

Connie: you are kind, funny, giving, gracious, self-sacrificing (sometimes a little too much so – but we will continue that conversation later!), a strong leader, WISE beyond your years, and beautiful inside and out.  I’m so thankful for you and the growth that I continue to see in you!  I’m proud to call you friend and I know SOOOO many other women feel the same way!  I’m just so glad we are all willing to share you because EVERYONE needs some Connie in their life!

I love you, friend! Happy Friday!

Off to eat my second cookie – and put your card in the mail!

#everyoneNeedsSomeConnieInTheirLife #sheBringsTheSauceAndTheFun

Oh, and funny story….she recorded a really sweet personal message for me on the Tiff’s Treats app. The best part was watching it appear (on my phone) and having her UPSIDE DOWN!! 😊  Seriously – made me ROAR laughing! A giggle, sweet words and WARM COOKIES…what could be better!!

3 thoughts on “#ftf – Connie

  1. I love that God has blessed you with some amazing friends who know just what you need when you need it. Connie is awesome!


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