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#UseWhatYouHave #iHadOldCardsAndStamps

We are almost three weeks in to working from home and I still don’t know what is happening.  I’m asked often, as I’m sure you are, “How are you doing?”, and some moments I know what my answer is…and sometimes I have no idea how to form the words.  This is CRAZY, right? #Covid19

On “week one” I had BIG PLANS…one of those plans was that I was going to order some note-cards (which I did) and pull out my rubber stamp collection and let my creative side run free while making cards to send to people.  The blank note-cards arrived just as reality hit and it became obvious that, in order to keep up with the demands of doing my job completely different, I had NO time to sit and be creative. Even when I did have a few minutes to shut off the computer and “relax”, I just didn’t have it in me to pull everything out and start the process.  I was fried…and yet I felt guilty for not keeping up with my plan to encourage people through the mail.

That was until God, in His AWESOME way, had me go to the craft closet for something completely different and I noticed the random “card file” box that I’ve stuck greeting cards in for years…ok – maybe a few decades.

mail 9

I LOVE greeting cards and while it seems like a faraway memory now, I have always loved aimlessly reading them as I mosey through Walmart, Target or Hallmark. AHHHH…remember when we could do that?!?

I pulled the box of cards out and I felt God telling me, “You don’t NEED to MAKE cards, Lori…Trust me – you already have everything you need.”  I immediately felt like arguing and pointed out “Yeah, but some of these are Thanksgiving Day Cards or other holidays – that would be weird to use them, even if the sentiment is true…people will think I’m crazy to send something  with “Happy Thanksgiving” on it!”

I’m not claiming to hear the audible voice of God, but I do believe that His spirit speaks to me through my thoughts and the next one I “heard” very clear –  “If someone took the time to write a personal note to YOU (Lori) –  even using an old Christmas card -would YOU think that’s too weird to accept and appreciate?”

Then the subject of stamps/postage came up…and I used the “Well shoot…I don’t have any stamps” excuse.  As I continued to look at the box, I noticed a see-through envelope/sleeve that had some stamps in it.  “Yeah, but they are OLD and are 32 cents….to use TWO on an envelope would be REALLY weird and a waste of money!”

Even though I was the one “arguing”, I realized how ridiculous I sounded.  I laughed as I turned the sheet over and realized the stamps were from mailing our Christmas Cards back in 1998!  Pretty sure that I shouldn’t be concerned with “wasting” them.

For the two weeks prior I had been keeping a list of people I wanted to send a note to…I decided I better get busy because it was growing daily.  As I pulled out each card from the bucket, I would hold it and pray – “OK God, who is this one for?” and then a name would pop into my head…sometimes they were on my list but often I hadn’t even thought of them yet!

mail 6

I had a blast for two hours – just sitting at my kitchen table re-reading funny cards (or adding to the Thanksgiving sentiment) and then writing a personal note to the one placed on my heart.  As I added random old Christmas stamps or “Love” stamps from leftover wedding invitations, I prayed for each person receiving the card.  I also prayed for each mail carrier that would deliver them. It dawned on me that mail carriers play a HUGE role in passing along joy during this time of people sending love and prayers literally through their hands.  How thankful I am for them (we actually have TWO mail carriers in our extended family!). <-note to self…write them a personal card of thanks!

mail 7

While my goal in sharing this is probably to “explain the Thanksgiving Day card you might have received – I’m really not crazy” (just keepin it real),  I also want to be faithful to share that God continues to meet my needs…and He will continue to meet yours as well.  He will show up in unexpected ways that will blow your socks off…and “little” ways like provided EXACTLY the right amount of stamps for the 21 cards that I wrote in 2 hours (I’m not kidding…it was another little “I got you, Lori” moment for me!).  Regardless, He’s there…working…and it’s always for our GOOD (even when we can’t see it or we don’t understand).

One of these days I’ll pull out the rubber stamps and be creative…in fact it’s a goal for this coming weekend.  But I’m trusting that God used what I already had to spread some joy this past week.

What could God be asking you to use to encourage others? Do you have extra food, toilet paper, baking supplies, games, note-cards, etc. that you could share or give?

I’m thankful for leftover holiday cards and stamps from 1998 and a God who is faithful and carrying me through this time of crazy.

Oh – and look what came in the mail! Did you know you can order stamps on line and have them delivered to your mailbox?!?  😊

mail 8

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8 thoughts on “#UseWhatYouHave #iHadOldCardsAndStamps

  1. Couple things…
    I love that you pulled out the old cards and I was on the list to receive one.
    I had no idea about the stamp. Going to order mine now.


    1. The stamp thing…soooo awesome! Takes a few days to get but – pretty fast! 🙂
      Oh, and you will always be “on my list”! That card was bought FOR you originally – no question about that.


  2. Girl, you get to me every stinkin’ time you write! I have a huge card stash (I also may need a 12-step program for my greeting card addiction). Two nights ago, when I grabbed my basket where they are kept, I thought “When am I ever going to use all of these? Probably when I’m old and in a nursing home, when my handwriting will be illegible”, because I’m using up my God-given supply of good handwriting now for work.
    And I totally get that “everything for work is taking longer on a computer” thing because I am in the middle of trying to learn some very complicated CAD software (I miss my pencil and parallel bar SO much). And I have found myself procrastinating, doing just about anything else, because this computer-aided design stuff is not “all that” for this long-time residential landscape architect. It’s not making a lot of sense to me how this is practical for residential applications. However, God keeps saying “DO THIS!”, and guess what?!? He’s right. I’ve been able to send designs to people electronically through this, and we can discuss them on the phone. So yeah. He’s got Linda, too.
    You are SO good at letting your Light shine. Thank you!


    1. You are so sweet. #cardHoardersUnite 🙂 I’m stopping to pray right now for you to feel empowered to dig in to your work….and your “sending notes” skills!


  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! John Israel has nothing on the Lynn/Eubanks women! Have been using those LOVE stamps and my purple return address labels and purple ink to brighten up envelopes, while repurposing ‘some’ of the saved cards (of which there are bagsful tucked in closets and under the work tables here.) I now will acknowledge and admit I’m a card hoarder!

    Wanted to just ask you to come here after going to Claudia’s just so I could see your wonderful self, but didn’t want to be selfish with your time. 🙂 Going out front now in my Christmas pajamas to put the morning’s efforts in the mailbox. Your mama loves you so much and is so proud of you for making time to encourage me and others with your blog! XXOO

    On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 9:48 AM This too shall pass… wrote:

    > lorieubanks posted: “We are almost three weeks in to working from home and > I still don’t know what is happening. I’m asked often, as I’m sure you > are, “How are you doing?”, and some moments I know what my answer is…and > sometimes I have no idea how to form the words. This is” >


    1. Haha! I think John (Mr. Thank You) would be proud of us! You can ALWAYS ask me to stop by to wave from the mailbox or your porch. I love you, mom. Your letter writing has been a huge influence on me…and THOUSANDS of others!


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