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#WhenAGirlFINALLYwantsABiscuit – January 29, 2019

While I haven’t posted on this blog in months (and have a LOT to document – like a new #grandgirl), I want to make sure I record this day – cause it’s been a long time coming!

I have a #tribe – a group of incredible women that I do life with.  We call ourselves #fiveOverFifty and work hard to stay connected – making meeting together a priority. We have had some CRAZY great times together (like a trip to New York or celebrating together over weddings and grandbabies), but have also been there for the tough stuff.  Stuff like cancer.

One of our own has fought a courageous battle against this stupid disease for over a decade.  Cancer cells have come and gone…and so has her hair and often her physical strength.  We have celebrated when tumor markers have gone down and stormed the gates of heaven with prayers when they began to climb again.  We have laughed (yes, laughed), cried a ton of tears and make it clear to God that “We HATE Cancer.”  We have begged God for a miracle and reminded each other that He could choose to heal her (and expressed our disappointment when that hasn’t happened).

For the last few months our friend has been struggling.  Most days have been spent on the couch or in bed – often only leaving the house for appointments – to sit for hours waiting on doctors, tests or chemo treatments.  Often she was left unable to eat, even though, believe me – we tried to feed her!

At some point, on a tough day, she mentioned that “I can’t wait to feel better cause I really want us all to go on a girls trip to Waco and eat at Magnolia Table.”  We assured her, “As soon as you are ready – we are there!”

So- TODAY WAS THE DAY!! We headed out at 9am…talked non-stop for the 2 hour drive (duh)..and pulled safely into –


We were blessed with NO wait time (we have heard horror stories of people waiting HOURS to get in) and were quickly seated…and began the pain staking task of making a decision on what to order!

One thing that we KNEW for sure…we were getting BISCUITS and OH MY GOODNESS… they did not disappoint! We talked about them the whole drive and couldn’t wait to try them. Just fyi: do not think about going there and skipping this treat…incredible! Not sure if it’s the pounds of butter that are surely part of the recipe or the strawberry whipped butter they serve them with but – NO WORDS.  #worthTheDriveToGetSome

After we stuffed ourselves and were reminded by our coffee mugs that “The Good Ol’ Days Are Still To Come”, we headed to the Market and the Magnolia Silos.

Oh, and then (since the biscuits had settled), we headed to the bakery… 🙂 Don’t freak…we got stuff to go!

Back in the car we decided we needed naps so we headed for home. Our mission was complete – we got our friend out of town for the day, laughed/chatted, and ate a biscuit (or two!).

Thank you Father for days like this…where #fiveOverFifty were all together and cancer didn’t “win”.  I’m beyond thankful.

And as a reminder…


…”The Good Ol’ Days Are Still To Come”.

Can’t wait for the next adventure with you girls!

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