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#PutMeInCoach – April 21, 2018

It was reported all week that we would have BIG RAIN this morning – and all day long. So- last night we turned off our alarms and planned to sleep in (I was sooooooo excited!).

I woke up at 7:49am to see a text from our daughter (these days she’s better known as “Luke Thomas’ mommy”) saying “The rain is holding off and the game is still on!” WHAAAAT?!?!

“The game” was Luke’s T-ball game – in Mckinney (25 minutes away) that started in 10 minutes! While he had previously had another game 2 weeks ago, Tom and I weren’t able to be there so – this would be OUR “First Game of The Season”…more importantly, our “First Time to See Our Grandson Play Baseball!”

#grandparenting kicked in and we were out of bed (teeth brushed and sweats on…shoes were added in the car) in under 6 minutes and made it there in record time.

tball - 1
Yeah – it wasn’t “pretty”! Thankful for the wind that we could blame some of my “look” on.

We arrived after the game started but, just in time for Luke to be ready to bat.

I thought MY girls were cute in their uniforms back in the day (and they were – it was just 20+ years ago!)….but, oh my gosh – there is something about a little BOY dragging his bat to home plate that just about killed me. The fact that his Papa stood next to me, beaming, might have had something to do with the JOY I felt in the moment!

Then, when he took the field and we noticed that he was playing with his mommy’s old red glove…forget about it. A wave of memories came flooding back of her in the same uniform – truly, seemed like yesterday we were cheering “Way To Go Britt!”

#lukethomas – almost 4 & 1/2….Luke’s Mommy – almost 5 & 1/2!

And then those memories of the days we screamed, “Watch the ball!”,  “Stand up and Get Ready!” or “No, It’s not snack time yet!” came running back as we laughed with the parents doing the same thing to their 3 and 4 year olds!

tball- 12
Pretty sure this coach was saying, “No – you can’t lie in the dirt right now – get up…it’s time to play baseball!”

Luke didn’t know that we were coming (or there) until he was running to the dug out and he heard my voice cheering for him.  I saw THE MOMENT that he recognized my voice and saw him as he tried to find me/us in the crowd.  Later, having lunch together, he said, “I heard you, Lolli, but I didn’t even know you were there!  I was so happy and then I saw Papa and couldn’t believe it!…But then, when I saw Aunt Brooke and she gave me a donut, I was REALLY happy!”

Note to self: “Next time be the one holding the donut box!” 

Great morning at the ball field!  I have the feeling we have many, many more in our future.  Thankful for the fun to come and the fun we have had in the past…just look at how cute our PIRATE was back in 1993!

#likeMotherLikeSon <- his daddy played too – I just don’t have any pictures!

#grandparentingROCKS (Even when it means a change of plans and getting up early)



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