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#ftf – My New Name?

I’m not sure why, but my sweet #lukethomas has NOT been “all about his Lolli” lately. 😦

At 5 & 1/2 years old he is deciding when hugging me is “cool” and when he just wants to yell “See ya later, Lolli” as he heads out the door.  Not gonna lie – It’s been hard on this Lolli’s heart, remembering all the sweet moments of cuddling with him and being one of his favorites.

(Side note…Here is “proof” of how attached we used to be…)

(ok…back to my story…)

So- he hasn’t been that into me…But then came last Thursday night…

His parents were at a meeting so we were #grandparenting. It was a fun evening of dinner, ice cream and hanging out with Papa.  At bedtime, as we were saying prayers, I started listing all the things and people I knew we were both thankful for. I could tell he was playing with something in his hands and surely didn’t have his eyes shut . When it came HIS turn to speak, he named a few people, but NOT his “Lolli” (and yes, his “Papa” was still mentioned FIRST).

poopy 5

To be funny, as my head was bowed (and knowing his was not), I started pointing to myself…getting more obnoxious with it as he chose to ignore the hint. FINALLY he added, “oh…and thank you for my…ummm…POOPY!” I wasn’t sure if he meant ME or what but my head popped up and he started laughing and said, “Lolli – I changed your name! I’m going to call you “Poopy” now-cause it makes me laugh so much when I say it!”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a name I would CHOOSE and I’m hoping it’s not going to stick around forever (plus-I’m not expecting his mommy to allow it) but I hope I never forget the laughter I heard every time he said it.  I exited his room a few minutes later with my love tank FULL.  Who knew that being called “POOPY” could bring so much joy? After all, my new name provided many opportunities for tickles and hugs (while he whispered “Poopy” over and over again in my ear and laughed hysterically!). Honestly, it felt AMAZING!

Just as I sat down and put my feet up-with a huge smile on my face, he yelled out,

“Good night Poopy!”…

“I can’t wait to see you in the morning…POOPY!”…

“I love you, my Poopy!”

#heartFULL #callMeWhateverYouWantKid

I was praying that this renewed connection wasn’t going to be limited to one silly night.  Two nights later I was getting in bed and saw a little cup on my nightstand – it was ONE “flower”/weed from the front yard that Luke picked, put in water, and left for ME.  The following day I asked him about it and he said, “It’s a flower”…and then a precious grin came on his face…”for my…LOLLI!”.  🙂

poopy 4


Over the last week he has gone back to calling me Lolli (for the most part)…but when he really wants to connect with me I can see a silly grin slowly appear and his lips form the “Poopy” word that makes him laugh.

 So – “Hi everyone, my name is Lolli…or “Poopy”…

and currently I’m totally fine with either!”

#grandparenting #lukethomas #lukeAndLolliPoopy

So now I’m wondering if these two will come up with some silly name for me?  As long as it’s said with love, they can call me whatever they want!


#grandgirls #aisleyElizabeth #landryJaneFrench #theFrenchSisters


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