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#pieForBreakfast – with “TheWomen”

I have these friends…I call them “The Women”. At some point, years ago, we talked about calling ourselves that because we all watched our mothers (or women before us) have women in their lives that were known for hosting showers, bringing meals, celebrating babies/grandbabies, attending weddings and parties, etc.  Basically, they were the dependable ones in a woman’s life – and there to help celebrate life! That’s what these women have been to me.  While most of them are in my stage of life, we have  two “young uns” in our fold.  They surely get tired of hearing about our physical aches and pains (sorry Sharone & Laura) but, we love hearing about their kids and the reminder of life a few years ago – plus, they are two very wise women!

Pie Blog - laura
Not kidding…these two are the YOUNGEST of the group! 🙂

We might not see each other daily (or even weekly) but, we enjoy a very active group text that often dings during the day….we share prayer requests, crazy jokes or memes, and Connie is our sky/weather watcher. She encourages us to check out the sunset  when it’s over the top “AMAZING” (which for Connie is pretty regularly!) or alerts us to a storm coming.

While we have had been there for the “big stuff” (showers/weddings, surgeries, deaths of family members), we have also just had crazy fun together.

A few weeks ago we gathered to “catch up” – it had been a while. Our “hostess with the mostest”, Gabrielle, shared that she was getting a new table a few days later and we joked about coming back the following Friday to see it.  A few days later our text somehow turned to talking about “pie” and within minutes we had planned a “Pie  Breakfast” for that very Friday…which means we got to break in the new table together!

It’s good to have girlfriends for the big stuff…but it’s really good to have girlfriends that are spontaneous and FUN. Years ago I thought I needed to make plans with friends weeks in advance and stress over what to serve or if my house is clean.  These days I’ve learned that real friends don’t care what the house looks like, they are willing to bring something to help with the meal (or fine with water or whatever I have), and often the best times are the “last minute plan” moments!

Another thing I love about these women….for this gathering/meal NOT ONE talked about calories or “we shouldn’t be eating this” – we all just dove right in and sampled EVERY. SINGLE. PIE.  It was DELICIOUS, fun and a perfect way to break in a table! 😊

(But later…on our text thread – there might have been some “Oh my gosh – I’m soooo full…what have we done!?!” comments!)

These girls, “The Women”…so thankful for the fun (and wisdom) they bring to my life but, make no mistake – they host amazing showers as well!

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5 thoughts on “#pieForBreakfast – with “TheWomen”

  1. Oh my gosh. I love this PIE FOR BREAKFAST thing. Sounds like y’all might have happened upon a new tradition. I love this group of women. Your friendship, longevity and LOVE is inspiring. Thanks for your model of commitment to each other and the Lord.

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  2. Hey – I’m not picky…I’d love to eat pie with you as well! haha!! (nah…let’s just stick to our traditional LaMads and MiCocina! Wait…do either of those have pie!?! 🙂


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