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A Different Christmas…and January 7th. #notAFanOfTheFlu

Well, this “January 7th” went a totally different direction than we had planned…and I’m honestly trying to be “ok” with it (but I’m not there yet).

For weeks, we have been looking forward to our family being all together this weekend to FINALLY “Celebrate Christmas”. I did all the shopping on line (after the 25th) and the packages started arriving the next day…the tree looked like it finally belonged as I wrapped and placed everything under it!  We had activities and FUN planned and we couldn’t wait for everyone to arrive!

And then…the flu hit Tom and I and on Wednesday we had to tell everyone that “Christmas is cancelled” (until we can figure out the next time everyone has a free weekend). For almost a week now Tom and I have been, basically, non-functional and living in separate rooms. It’s been CRAZY/horrible.

While the presents, food, and FUN are sadly not happening this weekend…either is a little project we had looked forward to doing as a family.

For the last few years #teamELF – now #teamELFH (Eubanks, Lucia, French and now HANS) have spent Christmas morning delivering gifts to friends and neighbors (and taking selfies at the door).  This came from us needing to make new memories/traditions as our family is now typically not all together on December 25th.

This year…for the first time EVER…Tom and I were alone on Christmas morning and REALLY needed to do something different – and yet wanted to keep up with our tradition of quick visits with some of our favorite people. A few days before God had given me an idea which was influenced by something a friend had posted about doing. We were pretty excited about this new twist!

So- we made some chocolates/treats and typed up a letter to deliver…basically saying that we hope they enjoy the “treat”, but that their REAL gift would be “delivered” (by text or email) by January 7th.  The idea was that we would be doing RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS in honor of those we delivered to and would explain what we did and why we did it (maybe even taking a picture), when we gathered as a family.

We have a list of those we promised would hear from us…and now need to say,

“Hold on – It’s still Gonna Happen”.

However – for a sneak peek, here are pics of SOME of those we visited, as well as the first “act” we want to announce/post about…

Our FIRST “gift” we want to share is one we did for Todd & Crystal Baughman…since Todd is my friend and also my BOSS, this seems appropriate to do theirs first! Just kidding!


Actually it was Tom that was adamant that we did this random act ON CHRISTMAS DAY.  Before Todd was my boss, he had a long career in the restaurant industry and has a passion for treating servers and kitchen staff well.  So, after making a few stops we ran in to a Denny’s to bless our waitress. The plan was just to order a cup of coffee, but after smelling the food/seeing the pancakes, we decided we DID have time for breakfast! Hey – we are alone on CHRISTMAS…we can do whatever we want, right? 🙂

Anyway…after we ate, we took a minute to write a note and while I took the bill up front to pay, Tom made sure our server received the tip – in Todd/Crystal’s honor – and was thanked for working on Christmas Day. We didn’t stay to see her open it – that wasn’t the point…but it was fun to know she was blessed because of the Baughman family.


So- the rest of you…hold on…it’s coming.  We have LOVED thinking, dreaming, praying for how we will honor you, as our friends.  The little things we have done or plan to do are just a TOKEN of how much we love and appreciate you all. Our only regret is that we couldn’t get to EVERYONE this year that made our original “wish list”…but, there is always next year!  I have the feeling that this is one tradition we plan to keep.

And to be CLEAR…this is not about “Yahoo, #teamELFH!” – truly the only reason we are sharing these acts is because we hope it encourages us ALL in this coming year.  Just as I was encouraged by seeing my friend’s post (about things she and a group of friends did around town to spread love and kindness), we hope this post -and our updates in weeks ahead- will do the same for you/others!

Merry Christmas…whenever Christmas was or will happen in your home!





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