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#ftf – MOMS Connection

                #ftf (Favorite Things Friday) –

This week, I could pick no other “thing”…MOMS Connection at Chase Oaks!

aC Moms Logo 2016 with Verse

If you have been friends with me for longer than a minute – you know about my love for this group and have heard my excitement over the start of a new year (which happened this week, on Wednesday and Thursday). We had a GREAT start to the year and it really was AMAZING to watch 180 women start the connection process as they arrived and found their tables/groups.  I would say that I was “surprised” by how well it went, but – this week was well prepared for by an amazing team of women…and prayed over by many!

My role (“Women’s Groups Pastor”) falls on the “Groups Team” and we often meet to update each other on our unique/individual responsibilities and ask for feedback and advice on different groups that we lead. Two weeks ago it was my turn to approach the team and while I value their input and suggestions, I felt strongly that I really just needed them to PRAY over MOMS and the start of a new year (feeling good about where we were in the planning/prep for the group).  I gave the team an update on leadership and plans and then gave them each a different area of the ministry that I wanted them to pray about.

Well…first I served them s’mores… but that was just because we have agreed that whoever leads the meeting has to provide an element of “surprise” or “fun”! 🙂

We do “team” (and FUN) really well!


After we ALL agreed that s’mores are DELICIOUS with strawberries on them (yes, seriously!), they were handed a card and spread out throughout the building to pray. I gave them specific things to focus on (and a list of all the leadership), but then asked them to jot down anything THEY felt led to pray for and give the cards back to me.  I love that several of them were prompted to pray for things not listed…I decided not to read their comments when they dropped the cards back off to me – instead, they are tucked away and I plan to read them (if I can wait) at the end of the year and see how God answers!


Someone recently asked me “What is it about MOMS that you love so much?”…Here is a quick list of what I thought of as we started this week…

  • I love seeing  women step in to leadership – I’m like a “proud mama” (wanting to burst with pride over them and overwhelmed with gratitude at their willingness to love and serve those in the group).

    These three…A-MA-ZING! Core leadership team for 2016-2017
  • I love the new members who come in a little timid and have NO IDEA how much their lives will change by their attendance and investment.
  • I love seeing women that reconnect after the summer and go in for tight hugs as they see each other.
  • I love watching the “Mentor Moms” (the older women that volunteer to serve each table) and their desire to share wisdom and cheer the younger women on – to be a resource, support and prayer warrior over the group.
  • I love that my church welcomes (and has a passion) for ALL women of preschoolers – whether they attend Chase Oaks on the weekend or not (typically about 1/3 of those registered do not have any connection to Chase Oaks when they begin).
  • I love the comraderie that is felt in the room…the #metoo that is felt as they discuss the joys and struggles of pregnancy, babies, toddlers, marriage, friendship and trying to figure out how to find the opportunity to go to the bathroom alone and get more than 3 hours of sleep at night.
  • I love seeing a group of “strangers” become friends…each table with a unique feel and personality!  (Here are just a few of the 19 tables we currently have!)

    I’m often asked what I want for the women that I have the privilege to serve, lead and develop relationships with – I always say that first and foremost I absolutely want them to know Jesus personally and grow in their relationship with Him.  But right up there on my list is also for them to have a best friend/a good #tribe of women to do life with…friends that will point them to and encourage them to be better women.  As I look at MOMS – that’s what I love the most.  It’s absolutely a place that this happens.

If you are or know of a women that is pregnant or has pre-school aged children…check out MOMS info here.  We would love to have you along for the ride this year!  It’s gonna be GREAT! 🙂

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