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#ftf – Taffy Pavey

I haven’t posted any #ftf (Favorite Things Friday) lately – mostly because I’ve been focusing/posting on processing through my daddy dying, etc. – but this week…I just HAD to.

You know that friend that you long to have more time with…the one that you eagerly wait to get to your house for a long chat. That’s what’s happening this morning and I’m all  “prepared” for her arrival (and not by cleaning my house…she’s not THAT kind of “friend”).

You see, my friend that’s headed here this morning, she’s got a hashtag for this year…it’s #intentional2016 and anyone that knows her knows that she’s serious about it. While her personally (and gifting) has always been to “be prepared/organized”, this year she’s extra focused on using her time wisely and with great intention.

She reached an ALL NEW LEVEL of being intentional with me this past week as she posted the sweetest message on fb regarding my birthday – complete with a few pics of us together. Later (and in prep for our time together today) she said, “It bothered me that I didn’t have a whole lot of options to pick from when I made the collage of pictures of us together…so, here’s what I’m thinking…when I come over on Friday, what if I brought a few different shirts and some props and we could take random pics together at different places in your house and with different shirts/etc…just so we have more pics together?”  Um…I’m thinking that’s taking “being intentional” to a whole new level but – “Ok???” Seriously – is she adorable or what?? Who thinks like that??  And as I type this, I’m kind-of mad that I talked her out of this idea!

So- last night I got the coffee pot all ready (typically not something that functions daily in our home) and sat down to make my list…yes, an actual LIST of things to discuss. After all – I know she will be bringing one as well and I want to make sure there is not one second of us trying to figure out what to discuss/share next (not that that’s typically an issue for us).

The title of my list was “time with taffy” and I broke it in to 2 categories…”to tell her” and “to ask”. One of my desires was to make sure I told her how very much I appreciate her friendship and how she’s always my biggest cheerleader in meetings/at the office, and how I think she’s KILLIN IT in her role (she’s incredible) and how I’ve seen God use her.   I also wanted to make sure I mention that she looks AMAZING after being #intentional2016 about what she eats and feeds her family. Seriously…she’s rocked it.

I had lots to ASK her as well (and I will admit to “editing/adding” to this list after I took the pic…”to protect the innocent”), but one was about me using her word, “Intentional”.

taffy 4

Typically I choose a “word” for the year…but this past January I was in the middle of caring for my dad and family stuff and it just didn’t happen – I didn’t take the time to pray and figure out what God wanted me to focus on. As we started the year with my dad in and out of the hospital, I guess my word (unofficially) was/needed to be “Dad” or “Parental Support”.  So- I thought, “I should ask Taffy if she minds that I “steal” her word in 2017”.  But then I turned 51 this week…and it dawned on me, “Why can’t “my word to focus on” be from one birthday to another…why does it HAVE to start in January??”

So- the plan is to ask (but I already know her answer) if she cares if I get back to life and FOCUS and become more INTENTIONAL at 51 (#intentionalat51 ?). I know she will think I’m nuts for even asking…I also know that she will be humble about how she’s made me think and inspired me to want to be more intentional.

Taffy Pavey…I can’t wait for you to get here this morning…you truly are one of my favorite people on the planet. Thanks for caring about me and my family deeply and for the many, many prayers you have prayed over us.  Your intentionality is something that has not only changed your life…but so many others…including me.

Putting the coffee on…you better be bringing your list cause I’ve got mine (knowing full well that 3 hours will NEVER put a dent in topics we want to discuss). Can’t wait to be #intentionalat51 with you, my friend.



4 thoughts on “#ftf – Taffy Pavey

  1. I already know you’re fun…and Taffy is my BFF in my head….so basically that’s a lot of awesomeness in one room😘 Just so you know, I kinda want to be like you when I grow up. First, you raised 3 kids and didn’t screw any of them up (that is unbelievable bc this mothering thing is craziness) and you change clothes to take selfies with your bestie so you’ll have more pics! How adorbs is that?!?! Have fun, my friend.


  2. Taffy is lucky/blessed to have such a godly friend! And, I’m blessed to have her for my daughter!!! Now at 11:55, I truly am going to bed….can’t believe I’ve been awake for for 19 hrs. and am still going strong. XXOO

    On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 1:00 PM, This too shall pass… wrote:

    > lorieubanks posted: “I haven’t posted any #ftf (Favorite Things > Friday) lately – mostly because I’ve been focusing/posting on processing > through my daddy dying, etc. – but this week…I just HAD to. You know that > friend that you long to have more time with…the one that you eag” >


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