#SwissCakeRollsAndMarriage – October 7, 2015

I’ve been told (more times than I can count) that I “married well”. Our closest friends (ok…and my family) might have even mentioned that Tom is definitely the “better half” in our marriage. While the man can make me TOTALLY CRAZY sometimes – this morning is one more example of how my people are correct.

I’ve been sick for days and, well, let’s just say I’m not happy about it. Truth is… I’m a grump. I don’t do “sick” well and I don’t like hanging out on the couch all day thinking of what I really should and want to be doing. I’m coming off a very busy season of work and after returning from a weekend retreat (that fell into that “work” category) I am fried/worn-out and SICK.

Yesterday, after not having much to eat the last few days, I out-of-the-blue craved something REALLY weird – a “Swiss Cake Roll” – like the ones from our friend “Little Debbie”,  that you put in your kids lunch box. This craving probably came because I remembered that a friend had brought a box (a whole different story) to a dinner party we hosted two weeks ago. I KNEW they were in the pantry and I worked up the energy to go look for them.

As I discovered that they were nowhere to be found…GONE…I was NOT a “happy camper”. Since we are now empty nesters, I did not need to call in CSI to figure it out. There was only one place to put the “blame”. We no longer had kids that we could put this CRIME off on. It was MY MAN who had finished off the box (cue music for dramatic effect).

As I “lovingly” (NOT) shared this with Tom (please keep in mind, I’m on my death-bed and want a Swiss Cake Roll!), he handled it with grace, but I was SHOCKED that he didn’t offer to immediately leave work and get me some (keep in mind, I also had fever and evidently it was affecting my brain). He did apologize for eating them (anyone else get how weird that is…the man apologized for eating something out of his own pantry??) and I attempted to get over it.

This morning his alarm went off early and he was out in the garage for a while (he’s working on a new project). I “lovingly” (again…NOT) made a random comment about looking forward to having him “back” (aka: focused on ME…ouch) when he was done with it. He didn’t say a word – just gave me a kiss goodbye and said he hoped I felt better.

An hour later, I made my way to the kitchen to find this.



He hadn’t been “playing” in the garage…he had gotten up early and driven to the store to, once again, give me the desire of my heart (if it wasn’t so sweet/loving, I might just GAG at how awesome he is…and how NOT awesome I am).

And that craving for a Swiss Cake Roll…yeah, it’s gone. Probably wouldn’t have thought about wanting one for another couple of years, but – you better believe I’m eating one for breakfast. Hey – I’m sick…and I’m doing it cause my husband ROCKS…no judging allowed!

Thanks, Love for making my day…and for another chance to humble myself and say “I’m sorry I was such a butt yesterday”. Thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning…and that you, my husband, offer grace and forgiveness so freely to a sick, frustrated, grumpy wife!

Off to stuff my face…

#MarriageIsHard #SwissCakeRollsHelp

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