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“ftf” = Favorite things Friday!

(As I’ve said before – most of my “things” will be people!  People are my favorite!)

March 1st my dad turned eighty-…well, he had a birthday! 🙂 He’s kind of hard to shop for, especially since our family recently started a new focus on eating better (so the typical gift of a great dessert/treat was out). He has been spoiled by 8 grandchildren (now almost all grown), so – that means he doesn’t REALLY need another “#1 Grandpa” mug or t-shirt.

So- I decided to go with a card and slipped a note inside that said “Good for a lunch date with ME” written inside. I mean, who wouldn’t want that??  (OK…feel free not to post your response to that question.)

Luckily, I knew that my dad would love that offer. Even though we live 2 miles from each other and typically see each other a few times each week, it’s VERY rare that I just get time with him alone. So –he was happy with the plan and even said he wanted to pick me up at my office since, “I haven’t seen the church offices yet.” (…”um, Dad, we have been there for like five YEARS but, ok!”)  🙂

This past Tuesday was “the day”…yes, it actually took us over a month to make this happen! He was, of course, ADORABLE coming in to the office and looking around for a few minutes…he proudly entered “cubeland” and took a seat in the chair in my cube. We talked for a few minutes (I showed him where the “big wigs” offices were) and then we talked about where he wanted to go. I was shocked when he suggested “Cheesecake Factory” and said he had never been there and wanted to try it! He typically is a “creature of habit” and he rotates between Panera, Corner Bakery, Black Eyed Pea…so “Cheesecake Factory” was a big surprise to me!

We had a great lunch complete with salads we both loved and easy conversation. We spoke of family updates , #lukethomas (of course), some serious topics and he shared hilarious stories/descriptions of his “Silver Sneakers” class at the gym (BE.STILL.MY.HEART. – my father is going to the gym!)  Of course the bill was NOT to be argued over (“Thanks Dad for paying for YOUR birthday gift!”) and we were both “good” and passed on the cheesecake (but agreed to come back, at some point, to share a piece).

As we were about to leave he said, “Hey, before we leave I want to make sure I tell you something…” and then went on to LAVISH me with amazing words of how proud he was of me…his daughter.

Please know that I can honestly say that I’ve never, ever wondered or questioned if my dad loved or supported me. Seriously…never. I do realize that I’ve received an AMAZING gift in my life – a dad that has been vocal about his love for me and made me feel special and valued.  With that said, this conversation went a step further than his typical “Love you babe” when we hang up the phone or when I leave his house with a hug. This came with specific examples of different areas of/roles in my life and a recent, specific story of a “proud moment” for him regarding my job.

The power that words hold cannot be overstated. I’m sooooo thankful for the words I heard/received this past Tuesday by my sweet dad. I was a little teary when he shared them with me at the table…but later, when I told Tom about the interaction, I was a big old bawling baby! I was overcome with gratitude but also so sad for those, and I personally know MANY, that don’t have the gift of a loving, supportive parent. Heartbroken for so many of my friends.

Thanks dad…once again, you blessed me. Your gift of words TO me was a GIFT and also a CHALLENGE. Made me think of who needs to hear some words from me.

Happy late birthday…I am so very glad you were born and that I was born to you! 🙂

I love you-


#mydadisstinkinadorable #cannotbelievewedidnttakeaselfie #herestonexttime

PS: if this wasn’t enough…I was also blessed with an amazing MOM!  More on her later but –  here’s a pic of both of them. Aren’t they the cutest?!!?


3 thoughts on “#ftfMyDad

  1. I love this, Lori. What a legacy he and your mom have built, have passed on, and continue to pass on!

    And woohoo for Silver Sneakers! 🙂 We just started exercising again, too … it’s painful in more than one way! 😉


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