Confession Time: My (almost) date with "Magic Mike"

Written July 10th – 12:15 AM (for some reason my blog just wouldn’t let me upload it before now?)

So – this is one of those times when I feel God’s leading on what I am to write about. I’ve known I’ve needed to write it for days…just been avoiding it. But – in order to sleep tonight, I begin…”It’s Confession Time”.

Recently, with of a group of sweet friends, the conversation came up – “OK…so, who is going to see “Magic Mike”?” (for those of you living under a rock…”Magic Mike” is the new “stripper movie”- let’s just call it what it is, folks! – that has sold out across the country this past week). After two seconds of silence, laughter broke out and then a bunch of “funny” comments began about how we could make that happen and when.

I didn’t think too much about it until I started seeing so many women commenting about going on facebook (as well as hearing casual conversations about women planning to see it with friends, etc.). I even heard about women taking their daughters (even teenagers) and a sick feeling started in my gut. I began to notice on facebook that women took pictures with the sign at the theatre – all smiles with their friends…and yet NO ONE was mentioning how “good” it was afterwards?? Still, the “Let’s Have a Fun Girl’s Night” side of me prevailed when, during a group text message dialog, I (yes, “I”… Lori Eubanks) made the comment “If I REALLY did this – I would seriously need to go someplace outside of Plano. I would die if anyone saw me!” As soon as the words left my head (and my fingers pushed send), I felt a wave of “WHAT??? HOW SERIOUSLY SICK IS THAT? SOMEHOW YOU THINK THIS IS “OK” or “FUN”AS LONG AS NO ONE SEES YOU?” What started as a stupid, casual (“funny”) comment became a moment of humble, personal and PRIVATE repentance (that I’m now making public).

Jump ahead a day or two and I start getting bombarded with blogs (some that I follow – some that just appeared in my email/facebook) regarding women and sexuality…mostly due to the popularity of “Fifty Shades of Gray” and “Magic Mike” (I’ll reference some at the end of this). God used each and every one of them to pierce my heart on this subject that is so dear to me.

You see – I’ve been vocal over my disgust and sadness over pornography and my deep concern with the sex trade industry (that I feel WAY too many of us don’t know enough about). I’ve counseled women (my three daughters included) about the dangers of EVER letting pornography enter their minds…and home. I’ve prayed for the purity of my man and the men my girls would choose to be their husbands. I’ve seen porn destroy marriages. I’ve seen men and women leave their spouses over their addiction to a computer screen. I judged people for taking their children to see “trash” and yet here I was willing to let that same trash enter MY mind/home. I was compromising and allowing something that I KNOW breaks the heart of God into my mind. I began to imagine what I would think/feel if the roles were reversed and Tom planned an evening with “the guys” to go watch a “stripper movie” with the hottest women from Hollywood. I began to see Tom’s face if he ever knew (not because I wouldn’t tell him where I was going but because he probably wouldn’t really have a clue of the entire content) that I sat in a theatre laughing and clapping over some “hot guys” taking off their clothes. The more I thought about it, the sicker I got.

So – this apology goes out to “my girls” (friends) for being, in any way, a willing/supportive participant in considering seeing this movie. I’ve confessed my regret over my comment to God (and been forgiven…thank you Jesus!) and wanted to explain why I, personally, am not willing to participate further.

Please know that I truly don’t want ANYONE to think this is about “them” – this was all about ME (this confession). However, I just couldn’t be silent when God asked me to “come clean” and share MY struggle with falling in to the trap that Satan is luring women to…it’s the same trap that he has been using (mostly on men) for a very long time…to make something BEAUTIFUL that GOD created (SEX) into something twisted and sick.

So here are some blogs that were of interest to me – and might be helpful/of interest to you…

I totally agree with this blog entry (written to church leaders/pastors) and think it’s a great read on how WOMEN are the new targets for porn, etc…


Another good read on this subject , that says it MUCH better than I could and talks in detail about “Fifty Shades of Gray” is a blog I receive regularly – “Hot, holy & Humorous” (if you have any questions regarding sex – she’s probably covered it!) :


And finally: a bold entry that has been posted by others on facebook but with great thoughts (I’m REALLY proud of this young woman…and proud that my daughter shared this/posted it earlier this week on facebook! THAT’S MY GIRL!!):


So… there you have it. I’ll just enjoy the dance moves of Channing Tatum in the original “Step up” (Hey, I’ve had three teenage girls in the house, we have EVERY dance movie made in the last 15 years…but, rest assured, we won’t EVER own “Magic Mike”). Just sayin.

Now, Lord…can I get some sleep?? I’m worn out reliving this.

5 thoughts on “Confession Time: My (almost) date with "Magic Mike"

  1. Very proud of you for coming clean. Satan is manipulative and will use whatever means to make us fall. I read the melisajenna blog earlier this week and was so saddened by one particular commenter that is so blinded/deceived. We would have done an “intervention” with you if we found out you actually went to see that movie!! 🙂


  2. Sharone: on my previous post/blog I mentioned having women in my life to hold me accountable and would knock some sense in to me, etc. Thanks for being one of those! 🙂 I know I can always count on you, friend!


  3. Reading this is so refreshing. A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go and as much as I needed a girls night, I had to pass. Like you, I would be REALLY hurt if my husband went and saw a movie about hot strippers. Even though I know he wouldn't care if I saw that movie, it would bug me and make me hypocrite. I am trying more in my journey to ask myself in those moments when I feel the world tug at me; “if Jesus were with me would I still be doing x,y,z” and if the answer is no, I shouldn't do it then. Because He is everywhere, He knows. I can't hide from Him! (lol) Great blog post. 🙂


  4. Thanks Sarah. Appreciate your words and totally love that you know that we DO take Him everywhere with us. That's AWESOME and convicting all at the same time! 🙂


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