"100 Things"

I actually wrote this over two weeks ago while I was in Phoenix and had lots of time to think, pray and write. Saw this idea on another person’s blog and thought it was a great way to get my initial thoughts out…as well as to catch some people up on my life (since I haven’t blogged in over a year) it’s called… “100 things” 1. I’m currently in Phoenix. 2. My husband is here for training with his company – Cabela’s…I’m along for the ride. 3. I’m proud of him for getting a promotion after working there for less than a year. 4. When he took the job, we praised God for “something” – after a year of unemployment…it’s been a GREAT place for him – great company and people. 5. We are now at about 60% of his former income – like many people we know. 6. God is good – the only reason we have survived the past two years is because of HIM. 7. Tom is one of the hardest working men I know. 8. I appreciate the fact that he has always been willing to do ANYTHING (job wise) to provide for our family. 9. I often feel guilty for having my “dream job” when has not had his. 10. ugh. 11. We have, once again, learned so much during this time of financial stress. 12. I’m thankful that we have remained a “team” and stronger than when we started. 13. I am fully aware that this kind of stress/hardship can kill a marriage. 14. Because of our experience(s), we have great compassion for people who WANT to work (and are willing) but just can’t find a job. 15. I often struggle with God over not having the desires of my heart – in the area of an awesome job for my man. 16. We have seen Him work in amazing ways as Tom has had great influence in his current situation and know that God has him there for a reason. 17. We are thankful for what He has done. 18. Brittney (oldest daughter) and her husband Phil (and dog, Ted) moved from Tulsa to Denton in December 2011. 19. It’s AWESOME to have them an hour away. 20. Phil is able to work his job from home…and Brittney just got a great job at an OB/GYN office. 21. Their apartment is adorable. 22. There is something cool about your daughter/son-in-law inviting you for dinner at their place! 23. Definitely worth the hour drive to be there! 24. Breanna (middle daughter – although I hate that “title”) got married almost three months ago. 25. On January 21, 2012 she married Jeremy and became “Mrs. French”. 26. There is truly no greater joy than to see your daughter marry the man you have prayed for/about since before she was born. 27. He is a good man who loves the Lord, comes from a great family and adores our girl. 28. Doesn’t get any better than that. 29. Their wedding was fun, God honoring and went by way too fast. 30. I wasn’t prepared for the let-down that I would experience once it was over. 31. I thought that it would be different with “wedding #2”…instead I think it was worse. 32. I can’t believe my baby girl is a married woman. 33. I still cry thinking about it and struggle with understanding exactly the “why” behind those tears. 34. I keep saying I need to “process through” the event…but I’m not sure how or what that really looks like. 35. I feel like everyone in the family went through the event, enjoyed it and checked it off the list and has “moved on”. 36. Not sure why I can’t. 37. I might need some professional help – which I do NOT see as a “weakness”. 38. Just sayin. 39. Breanna & Jeremy “technically” live in Duncan, OK. 40. However – He is about to be in Carrollton/Addison (TX) for 14 weeks. 41. He has a room-mate at the hotel (2 bedroom extended stay place)- which makes it difficult for Breanna to be with him. 42. She/they are sometimes in Carrollton, sometimes in our home, and sometimes in Duncan. 43. I know this is a tough time for them – especially her. 44. She wants so badly to be together in their own house, with their new wedding gifts – creating a home together. 45. On the bright side – this means we get to “host” their dog/our grand-dog, “Sky”. 46. While I was furious when Breanna brought this sick little puppy home almost a year ago, I have grown to love her. 47. Thankfully, our dog (Zoe) is learning to tolerate Sky’s puppy behavior – although she LOVES when Sky goes to her crate at night and Zoe gets to relax. 48. Right before the wedding we had our precious border collie, “Annie”, put to sleep. 49. I still look for her in the house and have moments of missing her sweet face and wagging tail. 50. Brooke wants another dog – “a friend for Zoe”. 51. Another reason I’m thankful that Sky is around – for us to hold off that desire! 52. Speaking of Brooke (our youngest/last) – she’s hilarious. 53. She’s a junior and I am blown away by the young woman that she is. 54. In many, many ways – I wish I was more like her. 55. She’s one of the most unselfish people that I know. 56. She reminds me not to judge others. 57. If we ever have a “ugh” morning (due to lack of sleep or waking up late) and words are said – I often get an “I’m sorry” text message from her within an hour. 58. She says sentences that begin with “Your mom…” about 100 times a day. 59. If she ever gets a hold of your iphone – you will surely find hilarious pictures that she took of herself on it. 60. Lots and lots of pics…and some are not “cute”. 61. She has been dating her boyfriend for over two years. 62. I love how healthy their relationship is – not ALWAYS needing to be together, supporting each other in their faith and making family and school the priority, etc. 63. They are fun to be with. 64. I can’t begin to imagine life without her in our home (when she goes off to college). 65. I’m pretty sure I’ll be on meds and in therapy after she leaves (that’s an authentic/not judgmental statement). 66. just sayin. 67. She’s an excellent student – I just need to teach her how to REALLY do the laundry! 68. She makes any day “worth it” to me. 69. She’s JOY…and a party… wrapped up in skin. 70. I love my job. 71. Women “do it” for me (in, obviously, a totally non-sexual way). 72. I’m beyond blessed with several really good friends. 73. I love that I have several different circles of friends. 74. They fill my bucket in different ways. 75. I have a hard time letting go of friendships. 76. I’m a “for life” kind of girl/friend. 77. I’m realizing that some women are not like me – and only do friendships that last for a “season”. 78. I don’t think that’s bad…just hard for me to do. 79. I have a group of women that I am able to be completely “me” with. 80. I think they love me any way. 81. I have friends that hold me accountable and would be on my doorstep in minutes if I called them – or if I was getting off track. 82. That’s a HUGE comfort to me and something I wish everyone had. 83. I also have friends that I unapologetically watch “The Bachelor” with. 84. Monday nights are definitely a highlight of my week. 85. It’s a gift to laugh as much as I do with my friends. 86. I love my church – and the fact that my girls wouldn’t think of getting married any place but there. 87. My heart grieves for those that don’t know connection like our family does. 88. I’m passionate about marriage – I hate divorce and HATE that I know several close friends feeling the pain of it right now. 89. I think marriage is not for wimps and people give up WAY too easily. 90. I do believe there are times when divorce is needed and the obvious answer. 91. I also believe that divorce happens way more often than it needs to. 92. I’ve often been “warned” that I shouldn’t be so vocal about my love for my husband and how strongly I value marriage. 93. I often have to remind Tom that some of the struggles we have, I believe, are a result of us being bold and strong on our stand for marriage – since Satan would like nothing more than to see US fail/be destroyed. 94. We have agreed and believe that God is bigger, better, stronger. 95. Our marriage is a process – I’m thankful that we both make it a priority. 96. Sometimes/often I suck at being a wife and mother. 97. I’m sure I’m going to make huge mistakes in my new role as a “mother-in-law”. 98. I’m thankful that God offers grace – and that my family does as well. 99. I can’t end this without mentioning how much I love facebook…oh, and my friends would be shocked if I didn’t make #100 – “just sayin”.

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