Blessings from 2012

Earlier this week, (on Twitter) Bill Hybels (Senior Pastor of Willow Creek) wrote: “I’m working on my Top 10 Blessings from God in 2012 to share with my family on December 31. We read and explain all 10 to each other. Try it!” I immediately thought, “Gosh – wish we would do that” and then tonight I thought, “Well, why don’t I?” 🙂 So – after a few quiet moments thanking God for the MANY blessings from this past year – thought I would share the following with my family and anyone else that might find this list!

Top 12 Blessings of 2012

1. Continued grace when I fail and mess up – from my man, my girls/family, friends, co-workers and those I lead/serve…but mostly/completely/fully from my Savior.
2. A new son (in-law) that is the answer to the many prayers we prayed for an amazing, Godly man for Breanna. Their wedding was a blessing to plan, attend and celebrate.
3. Another college graduate in the family – as Breanna graduated from OSU!
4. Brittney & Phil living close (in Denton) and the planned (and unplanned) times of meeting up for meals, TV shows or random times together!
5. Watching Brooke continue to grow and mature through highs and lows of this year…and sitting back (and praying) while she figures out this “relationship with Jesus/do I only believe what I believe cause my parents have told me to” thing for herself.
6. “Bailey” – Brooke’s new BFF/pound puppy that has completed our family (for now).
7. Another year to work on being a better wife and partner for Tom. Thankful for the 4 times I worked through the study “For Women Only”…and my desire to keep doing it!
8. Women in my life that want to learn, grow and hold each other accountable. Love women that desire growth/change and challenge me to do the same. I am blessed with AMAZING girlfriends!
9. Jobs with paychecks that provide for our needs.
10. Health and safety for our entire family.
11. A new home that became a perfect fit for us and an answer to dreams we hadn’t even thought to dream.
12. A job that I continue to love, am challenged (and sometimes frustrated) by and that often makes me pinch myself to see if it’s really “real”.

Thank you Lord for the amazing love you shower on me and “mine”. My cup overflows and I’m overwhelmed with your goodness. My prayer is that as I enter 2013 (a gift from you), that I will become more and more aware of how praiseworthy you are and the importance to STOP and say “THANK YOU” way more often than I did in 2012.

I’m a blessed girl…just sayin.

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