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#IsAJtheone – April 8, 2016

This past weekend was a BIG one for our family. Well, not just “big”…HUGE! After a quick change from the original plan, our daughter’s sweet boyfriend became her FIANCE! It’s a fun, sweet story (one I hope to document on another day), but  today I want to talk about a conversation I had with my dad…a… Continue reading #IsAJtheone – April 8, 2016

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#AndNowAWordFromMyMomma – November 6, 2016

I’ve got my first GUEST WRITER appearing today!  It only makes sense that it would be my mom as, I believe, she’s a huge reason why I love words so much!  She’s been showering me with words since before I was born and it’s not unusual for her to bless me (and HUNDREDS of others -including MY friends,… Continue reading #AndNowAWordFromMyMomma – November 6, 2016

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#EveryVoteCounts – November 2, 2016

Today was filled with a whole bunch of emotions that I’m just now processing and thinking through. First came my desire to vote and the 3 different stops I had to make in order to get it done! I had some unexpected free time this morning and just knew that I needed to MAKE .IT.… Continue reading #EveryVoteCounts – November 2, 2016

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#ftfOlderWomen – July 31, 2015

  ftf =Favorite Things Friday (And as I’ve mentioned before – most of my favorite “things” are people!) To all my girlfriends…consider this a public service announcement… HANG OUT WITH OLDER WOMEN! I just had lunch with some amazing women – all are “besties” to my mom. They were meeting for lunch and invited me… Continue reading #ftfOlderWomen – July 31, 2015