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#ftf – “The Thirty-Two Year Old Dress That Emy Made” – Easter 2021

#ftf = Favorite Things Friday (sharing about people or special things that I love – today is both!)

Easter has always been a really special time for our family. We had traditions with egg hunts, hot cross buns and a few sun-rise church services! Growing up I always had something special to wear to church and, even as an adult – up until the year that he died, my dad always made a point of buying me a new dress for Easter Sunday (Thanks mom…I know he got the “credit” but surely you were key in making it happen!).

As Tom and I started our family, I remember being so excited when Brittney arrived and my dreams of special dresses, white tights, patent leather shoes and hair bows for years to come came true! That first Easter, back in 1988, Tom’s mom asked me if she could make Britt’s first Easter dress. Honestly, looking back, I had no idea how much I would appreciate the hours/work she put into it. That first Easter, as a new mom, I think I just thought it was cute/special but had no idea the treasure it would be. Truly, it’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

Obviously, there were pictures that first year (Brittney was 5 months old) and then I crammed Breanna in to the dress (just for a photo) on her first Easter when she was about 9-10 months (those arm holes were way too tight!). When Brooke came along 5 years later, it swallowed her as a 3 month old! Still…had to get the photo!

And then, it went in a box.

I had no idea the JOY it would be to find it when our first grandgirl came along….

Aisley Elizabeth – 2016

and then the next one…

Landry Jane – 2019

and then the most recent…

Addison James – 2021

I’m not sure how many more little girls will enter this family and wear this dress for their “First Easter” but I’m thankful for the SIX girls that have worn it so far! I’m also thankful for my amazing mother-in-law that smocked each stitch by hand and sewed it all together. I know that she, too, had no idea the JOY it would provide for two generations of grandgirls…over 32 years and counting!

Thankful for Easter dresses, patent leather shoes, hairbows and grandgirls (notice I took out the “tights” from my original dream…no one has time for tights in Texas!).

#easter #grandgirls #theDressThatEmyMade #sixGirlsAndCounting

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