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#gameBall – Spring 2021

This week we went to our first Flag Football game in over 20 years.  The last one was when Brooke (our youngest – now 26 years old) was FIVE and was a “Buckeye”!  While the girl can definitely hold her own around a bunch of boys, she was not actually ON the “team” but was the cutest cheerleader ever!

This time we were there to actually WATCH THE GAME because our grandson, #lukethomas, was starting his football career.  While he did everything asked of him when it was his time to be ON the field, I think he’s favorite part of the game was doing sideline dances with his shadow!  Earlier in the day his mom had taken him to get all the “accessories” (I’m a girl mom…is that the right word?), including a mouth-guard and a cool pair of gloves (just in case he ever touched the ball!).  She made the mistake of mentioning how much the gloves looked like the ONE worn by Michael Jackson and so I’m thinking that inspired the dance moves throughout the game!

Regardless, he had a large cheering section and loved every minute of taking his cool mouthpiece in and out and looking at the spit!

As we headed to the parking lot he casually mentioned, “Am I going home with anyone else besides mommy?”, which basically meant, “PAPA – can I go home with you?”  Since it was a school night, the answer was “Sorry, Bud” but with the promise of a sleepover soon.  We stopped to take a few pics and then he jumped on Tom’s back cause he was “sooooooo tired from all the running I did!” 😊

We hugged goodbye, Tom got him in his mommy’s car, and just as we were walking away Luke called Tom back over.  He sweetly handed Tom a football that was in the backseat and said…

“Papa….I want to give you this…I know it’s not REALLY a “game ball” cause we didn’t use it in THE game but- I want you to have it to remember my first football game.  So- you can just think of it as a “game ball”…if you want to.”

My man…AKA: Luke’s Papa…

he’s one tough dude.

He actually held it together…

…until we got home.

Honestly, I’m surprised Tom went to bed that night and didn’t stay up all night working on his next project…a wood display case for “THE Game Ball”!

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