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#homeAlone – July 2019

It’s been a crazy couple of months in our home (I know – “When is it not?” .  So maybe I should say “crazier”?). Anyway – Since March, Tom and I have moved and tried to settle into a new home…and our daughter and grandson have come with us.  While that’s not a surprise to anyone that knows us well, it’s not my story to tell but – we have all felt a “little” (tinnie winnie bit of) stress.

Please hear me say, “God IS good”. Really, really good!  He’s provided a home with creative spacing of rooms and opportunities for some alone time when needed…but bottom line, we have had a WHOLE LOT of “together”! (and to be clear – if  I’m going to experience a “whole lot of together”,  I’d want it to be with my family! I’m not complaining…just expressing that’s it’s been “a lot”!)

As I’ve aged I have become more aware of my NEED for “alone”. I love people…love being around people…get energy from a one-on-one intentional interaction OR being with a large group. But – then I need some time to just be…alone.  I believe the term would be “ambivert” – here’s the definition…

The continuum between introversion and extroversion captures one of the most important personality traits. … These people (a.k.a., the vast majority of us) are called ambiverts, who have both introverted and extroverted tendencies. The direction ambiverts lean toward varies greatly, depending on the situation.

Basically, evidently, I’m just like “the vast majority”! 😊 However, my “introverted tendencies” have needed some attention.

A few months ago Tom’s sister (who lives with her family in Florida) contacted our daughter to say (basically), “You need a break/vacay and we want to see you – so we are sending you and Luke tickets to come see us”. It was amazing and generous and the perfect “we love you” gift for them. As the departure date approached, I mentioned one night to Tom, “Oh my gosh – so weird to think WE will be home ALONE for the week…we will be “empty nesters” again!”

A weird look came over Tom’s face and he said, “Oh – wait…she’s leaving on July 22nd? Yeah, ummm…sorry but, that’s the same week I’m going on the mission trip to Mexico. Shoot…should I rethink that?”

While my initial reaction was, “Well, Poop…really?” it took me about 3.5 seconds for the reality to sink in and for my momentary disappointment to turn to…well, I can’t even explain it! I remember processing out loud (sometimes this can be dangerous) as I said, “WAIT…WHAT? THIS MEANS I’LL BE HOME ALONE FOR 5 DAYS!!!!!” (I might have also added a “YAHOO!” but I don’t really remember – I think my mind exploded).

I assured Tom he REALLY didn’t need to “rethink” that trip…I would miss him but, I planned to be COMPLETELY fine!

In fact – the next week I went to work and requested the week OFF and began dreaming of cleaning my house that Monday night and then just sitting and watching it stay that way for 5 more days!

I even asked some girlfriends to pray that I would NOT just fill the days with “fun” (lunch dates, lots of shopping/errands, meeting group of friends). I put some accountability in place that I would use the time to do WHATEVER I WANTED (and, truthfully, NEEDED) but, to stay home and to fall in love with this space and enjoy the QUIET. After sharing my plans (or lack thereof) with a friend, I found this sweet giftbag on my front porch. My friend, Connie, she’s a gift giver…and I’m so thankful for the way she loves and encourages me! How cute is this?

home alone 3

So- yesterday I worked…but today – TODAY – I am striking a match and lighting that orange candle in the picture. I can’t wait for the house to smell like a spa and to read, write, listen to music, eat leftovers from my frig, walk through this quiet house and pray, and… late at night, I’m going to watch one (or ten?) of the 30 “Hallmark CHRISTMAS Movies” I have on our DVR.

Cause you know what? Christmas makes me happy and reminds me of JOY (like I’m experiencing this morning) and FAMILY.

Family…my family…that I’ll be REALLY eager to see…

In FIVE more days!

Here’s to being #homeAlone .

Off to light that candle.

home alone 2

And just to prove that my man is COMPLETELY fine and in HIS happy place as well…

home alone 4

If you read this before July 26th – please pray for this team…

Serving this week at Casa Hogar Orphanage!

2 thoughts on “#homeAlone – July 2019

  1. I am so excited for this week for you. I am proud of you for truly unplugging from work and even putting your out of office reply on. And Connie… that girl is THE BEST GIFT GIVER! Enjoy the candle and your Christmas in July!


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