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#ftf – #sisters

#ftf – “Favorite Things Friday” (just some of my most favorite things – shared on a day I can actually write/document them!)

I’ve often shared that I grew up always wanting a sister. I craved the closeness that I often saw between friends and their sisters – the sharing of clothes (yes, I now know that can be a “perk” as well as a “stresser”), the secrets kept, the sharing of a bedroom and late night talks, etc.

That’s why I’ve always celebrated that God gave me the desire of my heart when Breanna was born and Brittney received a sister. Tom and I were thrilled with the arrival of our second daughter – but my JOY was off the charts that these two had each other…SISTERS! 😊

It was a blast to dress them alike and have the “world” know that they were SISTERS and when Brooke arrived 5 years later, I just couldn’t stop myself – “the matching” continued (and yes, Brittney now points out she was SEVEN years old and made to dress like her sister who was a newborn/toddler)! 😊 #sorrynotsorry

And now – you better believe I’m OVER THE MOON happy for our grandgirl, Aisley. She received her very own sister (Landry Jane) this year and you can imagine that I’ve had a little fun shopping!  I love that their mommy (and daddy) are allowing me to indulge in buying matching outfits and that they often send pictures to prove that they actually wear them!

My prayers for these two include many things – that they grow in their knowledge of Jesus and trust Him at an early age…that they would be kind, respectful, welcoming and loving to all people…that they would obey their mommy and daddy…and that they would embrace and appreciate the gift they have been given – a SISTER.

Let the bonding continue…and if matching clothes helps, I’m all in!

#iLoveBeingAGirlLolli #aisleyelizabeth #landryjanefrench #sisters #shoppingIsSoFun

And this is my newest “Favorite Photo” – send today!

These outfits were actually bought by Great-Gramma Judy – who, basically, is obsessed with matching little girls too (especially these two)!


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