#ftf (Favorite Things Friday)

#ftf – FRIDAYS

#ftf (“Favorite Things Friday” – Fridays!

I woke up this morning with my favorite (almost) 4 year old in the house – along with his mommy and daddy. My husband was long gone from our home as he left for a new(ish) job around 6:30am.  #lukethomas and his mommy joined me in my bed around 8:30am (yes – I was still in bed) and we watched an episode of “Americas Funniest Home Videos” – his latest favorite show that his Papa introduced to him.

Now, a few hours later, I’m alone in my home and thinking about how much I love FRIDAYS!

Since my job is officially part-time, I’ve always tried to keep Friday clear and use the day to get caught up on laundry, errands, lunch with a friend, etc. However, my favorite Fridays have me in my pajamas still at noon and feeling like my cup/tank is a little “fuller” after checking things off my list and just “being” where I love to be – HOME.

As I sat down at my kitchen table, I caught a glimpse of my surroundings and thought, “I LOVE THIS DAY!” This photo represents SOOOOOOOO much of what I’m loving right now in my life.

ftf - fridays

-Folded laundry on my kitchen table (because it means I’m blessed with a working washing machine, clothes to wear, and a HUGE table made for me by my man).

-Bible study book (because I’m loving the study and the women that have joined me in it).

– “Wedding guest list” and response cards (because it means we are getting close and I can’t wait to celebrate with family and friends).

-My computer (because I’m blessed with a way to do my job at home as well as write/journal/blog and keep up with friends by email/facebook, etc.).

-An OPEN WINDOW and coffee cup (because while I typically am not a coffee drinker – it just felt right today. HELLO- it’s currently 49 degrees!) <-I’m currently wrapped in a blanket as well – score!

-The Lego Box (because it means a little boy is in the house and was playing with me before he ran over to see his Great-Gramma Judy).

-And…in the background…my Fall Tree (because – It makes my kitchen feel warm and fall-ish and I just honestly LOVE it)! #hatersgonnahate #reallydontcare #ILOVEIT

Thank you God – for my home and for Fridays. I’m a blessed woman.

What is your favorite day of the week and why?

#ilovefridays #fridaysROCK

Oh – and did I mention…#lukethomas (and his parents) are not just “visiting” – as of last night, they are OFFICIALLY living back in Texas!  This is our official “you never have to drive 4+ hours again to see your Lolli & Papa” photo!

ftf - fridays 2

#movingInToHisNewHomeToday #thisFridayIsOneOfMyALLTimeFavoritesEVER





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