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#MyValentine – February 14, 2017

It’s almost midnight and it’s been a pretty great day. There have been lots of little surprises, cards in the mail from my daughters, an amazing card delivered from my mom (I’m blogging about that ASAP – stay tuned), fun lunch dates (TWO), casual dinner with #lukethomas and friends, and just now – a tender moment to look at my sleeping husband… still in his clothes, on top of the comforter, waiting for me to come to bed. After finding a blanket to cover him up, I’m giving myself 15 minutes to record some thoughts about what love looked like to me this past year.

I was thinking about all the photos and status updates everyone has posted today. I have LOVED (truly LOVED!) all the pictures on facebook/instagram of sweet love notes and flowers that people have given and received…all the fun dinners and celebrations. It was a BLAST to have decorated Tom’s office with my daughter and grandson yesterday and then to have Tom surprise me the same way early this morning/before I got to work.  I love that we do little “love things” on Valentine’s Day and celebrate with words and tokens. For this woman who loves #words, I truly love this day.

So – I began mentally putting words together to write something awesome to honor Tom. I could write (and have in the past) some amazing words about my love for my really GOOD MAN of a husband. I think my friends are not shocked to hear that I adore him and am so thankful for the gift he is to me and our family. I am beyond proud and thankful to be Mrs. Tom Eubanks.

Next I began thinking through photos I could share…I could choose from 100 pics of him with me, our girls or grandkids. Super cute…super fun photos – representing some sweet moments we have had.

However, if I’m honest…this is the image that comes to mind of what love looked like to me this past year.


Tom, I’ll never forget how much love and care you gave to my dad – all of his days after you joined our family, but especially in the last few months before his death last April. This photo of the day before he died, with you just sitting with him offering comfort and support and then graciously holding him up when he INSISTED on standing (but had no strength to do it himself), is something I’ll never forget. While some might see these pictures as hard to look at, they are beautiful to me – knowing the love and care you offered (sometimes when I was too emotional or worn out to do it for him myself).


I had a conversation last week  with friends about the vows that most couples recite during their wedding ceremony…and which was the hardest to live out/keep.

…For Better or Worse

For Richer or Poorer

In Sickness and in Health

To Love and to Cherish

As Long as we Both Shall Live…

Looking back over this past year, thanks for keeping the “in sickness and in health” vow REALLY well. While times of stress (like we have had) can tear some a part, you worked really hard to keep us together.

I recently heard you tell a group of friends that you felt bad that you weren’t a bigger sense of support to me as I’ve grieved this past year. That is absolutely NOT how I have felt.  While you might not have felt it in the same way that I did, I never felt alone or unsupported.  For that – I’m so thankful.

So, Love…thanks for loving me well this year. I’m forever grateful that you are #myvalentine – but even more important, that you are #it for me – Daily.

I love you…Happy Valentine’s Day (although, when I wake you up to actually get in the bed, it will be over…so, “Here’s to Next Year!”).

And now…let’s just talk about how cute those grandkids are…am I right? 🙂

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