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#wordfor2017 – February 5, 2017

Last month I was feeling the pressure …facebook posts, blogs/articles, stories on TV, and my super cool/trendy friends were all talking about it…

And “NO”…I am NOT referring to “Politics”.

(PLEASE!…and “YOU ARE WELCOME” that I’m not even going to go there!)

I’m talking about…“What’s your “word” for 2017?”

I have loved watching others live this out well in 2016 – if you know me, you might also know my friend Taffy who killed it with #intentional2016. She not only made it HER word/focus, but it was almost a “movement” among our friends!  She focused on being #intentional in many areas of her life and it was a game changer for her and her family.  While she would have been fine with the WORLD being more #intentional2017, it just wasn’t right to copy her word so – the hunt was on.

I was already feeling lame as we rolled in to January and I still hadn’t made a decision. Then came the sermon at church where our pastor jokingly mentioned that we still had time to work up some resolutions, etc. (I was thinking, “time to work on my word!”) because the Chinese New Year wasn’t until January 28th. Ahhhh…more time.

I created a list of things that I wanted to work on and came up with a few words that would fit…but honestly, I think I was trying too hard.   I was trying to make it “fun”, “cool”,  a “catchy hashtag”, etc.  As I was processing with a friend, I finally acknowledged that I was making it way too complicated.

Soooo….MY “word” was, and IS, “WORDS”.  Nothing trendy or cool, but a really thought out and meaningful word to me (but to make it truly “me”, there will typically be a hashtag in front of it…so, it’s officially #words )!

  • The bible makes it clear that we are to choose our words REALLY carefully…often I do not.
  • The bible makes it clear that we are to speak TRUTH in LOVE…often I do not (or just pick one!).
  • The bible makes it clear that we are to listen to the words of others well…often I do not.
  • The bible makes it clear that we are to read God’s word daily…often I do not.
  • The bible also talks about obedience to what God has called us to. I feel called to use my words to share what Jesus means to me and the difference He has made in my life…often I do not.
  • I also believe that God’s called me to document life through writing/blogging more. It’s something that I’ve felt called to for years…often I do not make this happen.
  • I also feel drawn to read more – books and blogs/articles to widen my world perspective and to encourage my relationship with God and family/friends.  Books that cause me to learn something new…often I do not make this happen.

So- “words” to me includes all the things above that I want to work on in 2017 (and the rest of my life!).

I want to choose my words carefully – and use them to build up and encourage others. I want to speak truth, but with a whole lot of love. I want to listen to words well  when others speak (and not be only thinking of how I will respond next).  I want to read God’s Word daily.  I want to be more intentional about sharing what God’s taught me in the last 51+ years.  I want to share my words through writing/blogging – mostly for my family – but for whoever else takes the time to read them. I want to read one new book each month in 2017 – a book that will enlighten or teach me something new…or just remind me of how cool and awesome God is.

Good gravy…that’s a whole lot wrapped up in one little hashtagged word! And now I’ve gone and put it in writing!?!?

Oh, and just because I have a super cool and supportive husband, he made me this “little reminder” that sits in front of me now in my cube/office! It’s made it out of reclaimed wood and I love it (and him)!



I’ll be adding reminders to it like, “What did you read in God’s word today?” or “Remember to listen more than you speak!”. I’ll also be adding some encouraging words from others…cause my love language just happens to be words of affirmation. I know, right?

So- now that I’ve shared mine…NO PRESSURE but, “What’s YOUR word or focus in 2017?” I’d love to hear about it (you know, so I can practice LISTENING well to YOUR words and so I can share with you my words of encouragement)!

Seriously…breakfast, coffee, lunch?


Oh, and “Yeah, I know…my man is talented, right?”  If you haven’t checked him out on facebook at The Hollow Log, you should! <-(and the story of that name will be a blog post some day!)  He makes all kinds of cut out shapes of states, school/college/business logos, etc. and can basically make anything out of wood!  He rocks!


6 thoughts on “#wordfor2017 – February 5, 2017

  1. I love your #word. And I love how you came about choosing it. I know you feel like you could do a lot better with your words but I want to ENCOURAGE YOU. Your words breathe life into so many everyday. Maybe you didn’t know but you’re already rockin it. Keep it up. And your man, and his craft…. I can’t even. He’s so talented. #hollowlog #words2017


  2. I still had not picked a word, but while reading through this “grace” surfaced in my mind. I think with all of the change going on and all that we know is yet to come, I will fare better with more grace for myself as well as for those around me (physically and otherwise). I also could do with shedding more shame, so accepting God’s grace as the gift it is will be something I work on.

    And I would love to claim you for a date, but it’ll have to be a Skype date. Love and miss you!


    1. I would totally take a skype date with you! And I think your word is PERFECT! I’ll be praying for you to extend grace…to others and (almost more importantly)to yourself. I know you…you extend to others much better than you think! 😉 You are rocking the MOM thing! Don’t you doubt it!

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  3. I actually started this year by building up my vision board..i love your WORD2017! you are already making it happen. one of the things I want to achieve this year is to also read at least a book each month!..though am finding it hard to keep at it!..but am encouraged by your words and the fact that you are already taking positive steps in achieving your goals. I think I would call mine purposeful2017! Thnks lorieu!

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