#proudmommoment – February 16, 1995

Aren’t you just soooooo thankful for calendar reminders? I’m not talking about meeting reminders or “need to pay the water bill” kind of stuff (although, there are days that I definitely appreciate them). I’m talking about those reminders that point to important DATES that you think you will ALWAYS remember, but then the actual dates get mixed in with daily life. The reminders that help you remember birthdays, anniversaries, life changing events in other people’s lives that are important to you…history changing DATES.

Today is one of them in my life. It’s the date that our daughter, Breanna, understood her need for a Savior. It’s the anniversary of the DATE that my daughter put her faith in Jesus and became a Christ follower at the age of 5!

A few years before this, I was in the car with our oldest daughter, Brittney (then almost 4 years old), and Breanna (18 months) . The girls were in the backseat and Brittney was asking questions about God and sharing (in her 4 year old understanding) how much she loved Jesus and was happy to have Him in her heart. She suddenly stopped and said, “Mommy – what about Breanna? Does Breanna have Jesus in HER heart?” I explained that Breanna was too little to really understand that, but that her daddy and I prayed regularly for her to grow up and that one day she would love Jesus…just like her big sister. The car was quiet for a minute (my mind had moved on to my mental grocery list) and Brittney broke the silence with an excited voice… “Mommy – don’t worry. Jesus is in her heart. Since she’s too young to ask him, I just prayed and asked Him for her!”


While the “theology” might have been slightly off, I’m MORE than sure that God loved Brittney’s sweet request! Just a few years later, He gave her (along with her parents/family) the desire of her little heart – Breanna prayed and started her personal relationship with Jesus…all by herself!


Two years later, she wanted to be baptized and planned the event all by herself. She wanted friends and family to be there as her dad baptized her in her Grandpa Jim’s pool. It was a GREAT day.

 Please share this additional proud moment with me – that the event actually was documented with a handmade scrapbook page…with a little journaling even!

(Yeah, the 3rd child…not so blessed! Sorry, Brooke!)


Since that time, it’s been PURE JOY to watch her grow in her walk with the Lord. Today, she’s a beautiful 24 year old who has honored Him well by loving and serving people in a variety of ways. I’d use another “proud mom moment” hashtag but – really…I could type that EVERY day about her! Instead I’ll just say…

#loveherlikecrazy and #sogladsheismydaughter

I Love you, B! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful I get to spend ETERNITY with you!

Happy Eternal Birthday!


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