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God is ALWAYS good…but it’s been a LONG 10 months!

A few hours ago I had an impromptu “YAHOO GOD” lunch with my man. At exactly 10:25am (while I was in a staff meeting), he sent me the following message:

“Remember how I said I was going to tell you as soon as I heard from ____?

Well – I start on Monday!”

(Note: I’m not including the company name on this blog/post – because I’m not sure about their “social media policy” and don’t want to mess anything up!!)

It was a message that I thought would be delivered in person but – because of the content, I was HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY to receive it – any way he wanted to tell me!

It’s been a long 10 months since Tom and I prayerfully decided he should walk away from a job that was killing him. We literally felt God saying “Go…RUN!” – But it was crazy scary. We have had great days (like the day after Thanksgiving when he said, “Huh, so this is what it’s like to not work in retail management – Black Friday looks WAY different now!!”) and some REALLY (ok…”really, really…really”)  crappy days (worried about finances…and struggling emotionally with the “What’s the plan, God?” moments). It wasn’t fun…I hope we never have to do it again…and I hate that several of our hard-working friends are still in the “club” that no one wants to be a member of- “unemployed”.

So- after receiving the message, I called Tom (and cried) and just had to see him- ASAP! After we ate we got in my car together and made a silly video of Tom’s announcement to our kids and then the fun texts rolled in….

Tom - 1
After we sent the video – Brooke (who has labeled HERSELF “My Favorite” in my phone…complete with “poop” and a bear??) was the first to reply…with crying smiley faces!


And then came some selfies as they celebrated….

 Tom - brooke my happy facetom- brooke

tom - JeremyTom - breTom - bre face

Tom - brittTom - britt 2Tom - phil

And then…there was #lukethomas ‘ reaction….

tom - luke praiseTom - luke

Have I mentioned that I LOVE our family!??! 🙂  They have been faithful to pray, encourage, and love on us during this time. It hasn’t been easy on them either – but they have been AWESOME!

When Tom and I discussed how to get the word out and thank people for their prayers/support this year, I watched him become “uncomfortable” with my excitement to “tell the world”. I’ll share that he explained that he “hates attention” (which I know), but also that he feels awkward about “celebrating something that most men do every day – WORK!”.  I can understand (to a degree) his thought process,  but reminded him that ANYONE that knows him KNOWS he’s been more than willing to work (and has with any random job that God has faithfully brought his way)…in fact, we all have known that he’s been DYING to go to work.  But on top of that,  this “yahoo moment” isn’t about “him”,  but about HIM (and HIS faithfulness to our family).

So- it’s with a HUGE smile on our faces that we say “God you ROCK…thanks for being there in the good and bad…and thanks for a GREAT Christmas gift – just a few weeks early!”

We so appreciate the prayers for our family…please take a minute to thank God, with us, for this “answer” that we have “finally” received!   🙂

#thankful #GodROCKS


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