Grab a Pen…

Someone asked me (after learning about this blog), “What’s the first piece of advice you plan to give regarding job loss/supporting your husband, etc?”. While I have many, many thoughts running through my head, without a doubt my first tidbit would be, “Keep a journal!”

The first time we went though this it was 1997…we began in September and Tom (finally) accepted a new job in July 1998…yep – a whopping 10 months! There were moments during that 10 months that I honestly don’t think I will EVER forget…however, I’m so VERY thankful that I took the time to journal about all the other moments as well.

I have a $2.00 spiral notebook (that I probably received at some women’s conference/retreat or something) that I picked up in 1997 and started recording my thoughts…and most importantly, the ways in which God provided for our family. I will say, without a doubt, that if the house was burning down – this is one “possession” that I would take the time to grab before I ran. It’s precious to me…there are moments that I just pick it up off the shelf, blow the dust off of it (I talk more than I clean!!) and read an entry. At the time, I was just following the advice from a friend that had walked a similar road…so, now I’m passing it along as well…WRITE YOUR JOURNEY DOWN!

I don’t typically “journal” daily…but I think it’s SO important in the times of trial/stress/heartache to have a place to pour out your thoughts of despair as well as record the AMAZING ways God provides. So – if you are walking through something right now – start writing down your thoughts, your prayers, the miracles you witness (look for them…THEY ARE THERE!) and what God teaches you during the trip!

I plan to occasionally share one of the entries from 1997/1998…just because there are amazing stories/miracles that happened – and I’m thankful I have a recording of it…

I started off so well….trying to keep track of the ways God used people to encourage us. I missed many…and wish I would have kept a better account.

This is a time of my life I will never forget…how sad I feel for those who do not have Christian friends, a church home, and family. Thank you, Father, for carrying us during this time…for my relationship with my husband being stronger than ever…and for the way you have worked in our lives.

Thank you that the girls (who were then 12, 10 & 3) really do seem “ok” with the situation and that they pray about it and ask others to pray for our family (in BSF/Sunday School).

Thank you for refreshing my soul as I have read back over this “little book” that I started so long ago. How fearful I was earlier tonight about what tomorrow holds…why do I fear when I think of all the prayer that has gone in to this? Thank you for the hope and comfort you have given me in these moments. Good night – I’m actually excited to see what tomorrow holds!


On a side note…isn’t it interesting that even back in 1998 I was using “quotes” and “…” about every other sentence!! 😉

Start writing –

4 thoughts on “Grab a Pen…

  1. I have been “meaning” to start journalling for months now. I am a bit of a journal junkie – buying them, not so much using them. I keep thinking I need a plan, an outline or something to help me start the process. But I guess I just need to start.

    Thanks for sharing Lori!


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