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#backToSchool – “Mrs. Hans”

Often the “Memories” that facebook kindly reminds you of can be really bittersweet.  Some pictures take you back to the exact moment you took it…

I remember this like it was 2 minutes ago and it makes my tummy hurt a little just thinking about it.

bts 7

This was the original post that went with the picture:

bts 8

In our family we did a full DECADE of “college drop offs” and while the freshman years (and sophomore…and maybe Junior…) nearly KILLED this mom, it was just getting “easier” (by the Senior year) and then the next child would leave, and we would start all over again.

So- basically, every year in August I was a mix (ok…MESS) of emotions.

For Brooke (& AJ), I’m pretty sure they would say this was basically the WORST year/departure day…

bts 13

It was 2014 and they were not a fan of knowing they would have a year apart – at two different schools.  I took the picture from the car, in tears after hugging my girl goodbye, and then AJ joined Tom and me and we sat in silence for the first hour of the drive home. Sooooo sappy sad! Ugh…People…it was a HARD day.

But now…a few years later, “Back To School” looks a little different. These days, it looks like celebrating your daughter’s fully decorated classroom…

…and coming together as a family (the week before school starts) to pray over her, the kids she will welcome and teach this year, and the entire school and administration.

bts 4

(When I was wiping a few tears, I looked up as others were praying and just had to snap the picture below. It’s an AMAZING thing to hear your sweet son-in-law praying over his wife. It’s another photo that I’ll never forget what I was feeling when I snapped it!)

bts 2

Before we left, her siblings left the class a few notes – welcoming them but also warning them that they better treat our girl well!

(Messages that I’m sure “Mrs. Hans” erased…but appreciated in the moment!)

So for all those moms and dads doing “the drop off” this year, whether that’s to kindergarten or college,  two things…

  1. I see you and “get it”.  I remember how tough it can be so – please know I’m praying for you and your kids.
  2. With that said – It’s so cliché (sorry!) but, you won’t believe how fast it’s going to go. I promise.

Just “yesterday” we were dropping our baby off, for the first year, at Oklahoma State University…and now Tom is headed (this very moment) to meet her in the parking lot (it’s “tradition”) of an elementary school where she will begin her THIRD year as “Mrs. Hans – 4th Grade Teacher”!

Brooke – we are so very proud of you! It’s been fun to watch you FLY and become the amazing leader/teacher that you are!  I’m much more of a “fan” of this “back to school” day then those trips home as we left you in Oklahoma!

I’ve still had a good cry this morning…but the tears are for different reasons!

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And this just in: just as I was about to post this, saw their sweet posts from their meet up this morning…

#myManRocks  #bestDadEver

OH – and for a previous post about this and other “Eubanks Family Back To School Traditions”…click here!


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