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#Happy80thMom – July 2017

My sweet Mom turns 80 years old today! I love that she’s still active and loving life – and most of all that she loves GIRLFRIENDS and a good PAR-TAY!

With that in mind, her family put together a little gathering of sweet friends. We invited them to the Chocolate Angel Tea Room for lunch yesterday and had a special time – “Just the girls”!  My sister (in-law) and I went early to get the table ready and were prepared to greet our guests.


Brittney & Brooke had the joy of picking up their Gramma for a “lunch date” and getting her to the secret location! While I know she was THRILLED to think she was having lunch with just the three of us, I love how SURPRISED and OVERWHELMED she was when she came around the corner to see a gathering of her girlfriends!


Then she “worked the room” and loved getting hugs and pictures with everyone!

And then we did lunch…


I love that God had me purchase these sweet prints from Magnolia (in Waco) the last time I went. While I originally had something else in mind, tey were the perfect favor for each lady and they loved reading each of the verses of sweet songs/hymns that were so meaningful to each one!


We were thrilled when they put us in the back room. Years ago being in the back would be great because of how rowdy these ladies can be…but, at this point, it’s all about it being quiet enough for everyone to hear!  And we definitely wanted to HEAR as they shared sweet words and memories of Judy! Brooke had put together 18 different questions (one for each guest to pick) about Judy – mostly about her character and what they loved most about her.  It was a sweet time as they all took a question, read it and then had a few minutes to share their answers.

What three words would you use to describe Judy?’

“When have you witnessed Judy loving on someone?”

“In what way do you wish you were more like Judy?”

“What is your most fun memory of Judy?”

“If there was a “National Judy Lynn Day”, how do you think people would celebrate it?”

“What is the sweetest thing Judy has ever done for you?”

“What has Judy taught you?”

Sweet words were flowing and she LOVED it! Most of the comments included her solid faith and her dedication to know/study God’s word (lots of BSF references)! Stories of the amazing way she loves others through personal notes, emails or flowers dropped off on the front porch were also a theme.  Then the flood gates of tears opened as Paula shared about how she loved and cared for our father.

I wasn’t expected to be so emotional but – there is something AWESOME when you are with people that “get” how AWESOME your mom is. I know I’ve been blessed to have her in my life, but it’s wonderful to know that they feel they have been blessed as well.

As the cake came – they played “Happy Birthday” on the grand piano and we all sang. I hope I never forget how happy she looked and the joy that was around the table.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I’m so thankful for your example of making time for and building into your girlfriends.  As Brittney said, “I want this when I am 80.” (and she doesn’t mean a crazy pink cake with orange writing…she means the community that you have created and fostered with women).

It was a fun day…and while we missed some of the women in our family…I’m thankful for those that were there…

And…Super thankful for my “Daughter #4” – Sarah  – who took all these great pictures but was happy to be IN some with “Gramma Judy”!

We love you, Mom.  I’m proud to be your daughter!


#happybirthdayMomGrammaFriend #JudyIsGoingToROCKthe80s



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