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#PerfectTiming – The Hollow Log Delivery – July 1, 2017

My husband has a little side hobby/business called “The Hollow Log” (which has special meaning as our girls grew up with him telling them made-up stories of animal friends that lived in a hollow log, etc.). Basically, Tom took advantage of several hail storms in our area and the fact that MANY people were replaced their damaged fences last year. Tom used the fence wood to make amazing creations – his most popular was the great state of TEXAS!

While we participated in several craft fairs and sold many items through social media and word of mouth, he LOVES doing custom orders – items that are really cherished by the receiver.

So- with that background…let’s jump ahead to today. Tom, Brooke and I headed out early this morning to deliver a few personal pieces to a sweet family in our area.  Their story is quite amazing…

I met the woman/mom over a year ago while I was having lunch with a friend. Valerie saw this woman and introduced me and then said something like, “Lori is the friend I was telling you about, her husband is the one that does stuff with wood.” (my new “claim to fame”)!  The woman mentioned that she would love for Tom to do some things for her and said she would contact him later.

Weeks later she sent Tom a message, explaining that they had a wood swing set in their backyard that needed to be taken down. Years ago her husband had built the swing set for their daughter who was now a pre-teen and no longer played on it.  When the mom mentioned taking it down, it became a source of sadness for the daughter as the father/husband had died just a few years previous.

So- with the swing set coming down, she asked if Tom could make some things that would be special for the daughter – so that the wood her father had touched would be able to stay with them, not just ending up in a landfill.

Obviously, my husband was more than willing and after months of getting the wood (a few different trips), thinking of things to do with it, and actually making it happen (along with keeping up with other orders, etc.), the three pieces he designed were officially ready for delivery.

Since the husband had been in the Military, our goal/thought was to have the pieces to them before Memorial Day – thinking that might be a meaningful time to deliver. However, that didn’t work out when the family was gone for several weeks during May and June.  So- thinking “4th of July”, Tom checked to see if this weekend was good – and the delivery was scheduled!

Cool thing about “timing” – WE had OUR plans and were frustrated that it didn’t work out the way WE thought it should go…but – GOD ROCKS and is soooo A-MA-ZING.

Get ready for this…

When Tom contacted the woman about delivering TODAY – here was the response:

“Yes, we will be here Saturday morning! Thanks!

Great timing too because Saturday marks 5 years since his passing!”

Seriously – it’s like God just wants to show off!  So awesome, right?!?!  When will I learn? HIS timing is ALWAYS perfect!

I won’t post pictures of the family (because I didn’t ask their permission/want to protect their privacy – which is also why I’m not using their names) but – they were very pleased and touched with what Tom created and it was fun to be there when he presented each piece.

He knew three things about this man/husband/father:

He loved Nebraska –


He served in the Air Force –

air force
Air Force logo – this piece is BIG! The gray wood was from the posts of the swing set – Tom just cut them down to make the panels and then glued them together.

And he loved his daughter/family –

This is actually the father’s handwriting…Tom asked if she had anything that he wrote to his daughter/that had his writing and this was what she gave him. Tom blew up the writing and then traced it on the wood/used a wood burner to make it permanent.

Amazing, right? Could be hung on the wall or used on a shelf, etc.

I love my man…he’s one of the most generous and hard-working people I have ever known. There are times that he struggles (like most of us) with his “purpose” and “gifting”…but today I hope he feels secure and confident in why God gave him this gift of turning old wood into treasures!

Tom started The Hollow Log after friends saw our GORGEOUS kitchen table and a few other things that he made and thought were “no big deal”. While it has provided some extra income to our family (and MANY, MANY hours in the garage), honestly – he’s given away more than he’s kept.  It’s just who the man is…and I’m thankful.

I’m always proud to be “Mrs. Tom Eubanks”…today I’m especially proud to be “Mrs. The Hollow Log”. 🙂

And – and feel free to check out The Hollow Log on facebook or instragram!

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