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And So It Begins…Our First Date.

If you missed the “why” behind what made me start dating my dad – read here…


January 28, 2016…

The morning of our first Thursday “Date with Dad”, I received a call to confirm that I was still coming. My dad sounded alert, peppy and excited (honestly, something we hadn’t seen for weeks)…but also a little bossy as he told me to make sure I was on time cause “We have people to pick up!” 🙂

My dad had arranged to meet a group of friends at the MOVIES! He was excited to have a “group date”  at the dollar theater to see “Bridge of Spies”.  He jokingly told that we might have to switch our dates to Tuesdays every now and then cause he heard it was 50 cents cheaper!?!? Killin me!

I arrived ON TIME and transferred to his car (easier for him to get in and out of) and headed to pick up a sweet couple that were also new to the “no driving” scene. They were ADORABLE and thanked me several times for the gift of getting out of the house. We came back to my parent’s house to drop the wife off, as she planned to stay at home with my mom (who…don’t get me started…was still working as a nanny for an 8 month old). Off to the movies I went with two studs (over 80 years old) to meet up with the group.

Be.Still.My.Heart. = watching my dad and his friend walk up the long ramp, after I dropped them at the curb. ADORABLE. Two sweet men encouraging each other with each slow step!

My plan (originally) was to get everyone settled and then do some work/reading in the lobby. I didn’t want to cramp their style by being the only one under 70 years old, but my dad acted APPALLED that I would consider that an option and promptly bought my ticket. He added, “You are going to love this movie, Lori!  I’ve been waiting months to see it!”

After getting everyone settled in their seats (most totally capable but a few that needed some help), I was off to the concession stand to get popcorn and drinks. I was thankful that I thought to ask for extra cups to divide up popcorn and got back in my seat in time to pass it out before the previews started.

We took this picture to document our first official “Date With Dad” outing…

2270 About 2 minutes after the photo and 30 seconds into the previews my dad was OUT…dead asleep! I nudged him and said, “Ok…should I wake you when the movie starts or do you want to just nap?” and he replied, “Wake me when it starts – I can’t wait!”

I’d love to report that this plan worked, but  I woke him in time to watch the opening credits and he was asleep before Tom Hanks was ever on the screen.  So- there I sat, in a movie that I had no desire to see, but happier than I had been in days.  It was precious to just let him rest as I ate some popcorn (and – BONUS – the movie WAS really good!).

As we headed out of the theater with all 8 of his friends, the group laughed and chatted about how great it was. My sweet dad just smiled and acted like he knew what they were talking about!  I loved watching this group of sweet friends that had done life together for decades. I’m so thankful for their friendship to my parents and how happy my dad was to be with them…and with me.

2274We arrived home (after getting the couple safely back to their house) in time for my dad to say, “That was GREAT, babe! Thank you for taking me….I can’t wait till next week!  I’ll check the movie schedule!”.  His famous “Lynn Grin” was huge on his face.

As he shuffled off down the hall he said to my mom, “I’m headed to bed…I need a nap!”

Priceless. Adorable. Totally “him”!

3 thoughts on “And So It Begins…Our First Date.

  1. You are so gifted at sharing memories via the written word, Lori. I can so see your dad and the Rapps and the Churchs, etc. on an outing to enjoy a movie. He always loved going with Don Logue, didn’t he. It is so precious that he was excited to take his daughter to a movie ‘date’. His ‘nodding off for a nap’ is ‘totally him’, as you said. I miss him deeply. He and your mom have been a huge part of our lives for 23 years. We love ALL of you. Hugs…..


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