I haven’t blogged/posted in almost a year. I have, however, written a lot (it’s my way of processing), but then always thought, “Nah – who cares?” when it came time to post. However, for months now, I’ve been convicted that God does want me to share (even if it’s only as a way to document for myself – and maybe my family) what He has been doing in my life.

So- I can’t think of a better subject to start with than #lukethomas!

One year ago today, I added a new “title” to my life…one that has brought more joy that I EVER expected or could dream of. “Grandma”…aka: “Lolli”!

Anyone that interacts with me for longer than 5 minutes knows about my love for this boy. If you haven’t seen a recent picture of him it’s only because you have blocked me on facebook (#sorrynotsorry), not been to our home, or not stopped by my cube at work lately. If I was any more crazy (or a fan of pain), I would have tattooed him on my forehead – just because he’s that stinkin cute and it’s a shame for everyone not to see him regularly!

The love affair began long before we actually “saw” or held him…it’s like that song, “I think I loved you before I met you” (except I KNOW I loved him before). It was pure excitement that very first day when our daughter & son-in-law gave us a little “Easter gift bag” that actually had a bottle of baby wash in it and I became a screaming wacko on video!

Here we are that day – so excited for what was to come!

Tad bit excited…can’t believe we got a pic without me crying!

After months of planning, doctor appointments, shopping, showers and excitement – November 15, 2013 arrived and our family gathered to welcome a sweet little boy that had already stolen our hearts, but we finally got to hold. Arriving at the hospital in the morning, we were a bundle of nerves – and a WHOLE lot of happy!

LUke - birth 3Luke - birthLuke - birth 2

One of my favorite pics of the day was after her labor started getting intense and I backed off to pray (it’s HARD seeing YOUR “baby” in pain).   When I opened my eyes I saw the two most important men in her life (her sweet husband & her daddy) on each side of the bed holding her hands and offering support through her contraction. Couldn’t believe that her life was about the change as a THIRD “man” entered her life…

luke - birth 4

It wasn’t planned for me to be with her/them during the delivery. We had talked about it ahead of time and I agreed and truly wanted it to be a special time for Britt & Phil together….but in those final hard minutes she asked me if I would stay and Phil looked WIDE-eyed and said, “Yes, please.”. I remember running to the waiting room to say “It’s almost time…she’s about to start pushing” and doing a “happy dance” as I said, “Oh my gosh…they want me to be in there!!”

As I grabbed one leg and Phil grabbed the other and the doctor began giving instructions to “PUUUUSHHHHH”,  I just couldn’t believe it was happening. Quickly I realized that Tom, Breanna, Jeremy & Brooke (and then my mom and sister-in-law) were all gathered behind the curtain that blocked the doorway. I remember saying to Britt, “Are you cool with everyone being in here/behind the curtain” and her saying, “That’s fine…I could care less – just want to have this baby!” (spoken like a true woman about to give birth!). With that, I heard Brooke say, “I love you, Britt”, followed by sniffles and a few sobs….it was precious.

A few minutes later – he was here. All pink, a little gooey, and absolutely PERFECT. It was the coolest thing I had ever witnessed – seeing my daughter and her husband welcome new life…and I’ll forever wonder how ANYONE does that without an overwhelming appreciation of God as creator and the giver of life.

I took an obnoxious amount of pics those first couple of minutes (with my “real” camera), but then grabbed the ipad, snapped a pic and went to deliver it to the “fans” behind the curtain. These are some of my all-time favorite pics… of the girls/Tom & Jeremy seeing him for the first time. I can still hear the tears and screams in my head…hope I never forget them.


As they worked on Britt, I went to stand next to my grandson and a few minutes later I asked the nurse if I could pick him up to show him to the family (still behind the curtain)…here is my first pic holding him –


The evening was full of family loving on him and getting to see his adorable face/little body. I’ve just spent the last hour looking through the facebook album that I documented with all the details/pics of that day. I’m so overwhelmed looking back at all the people that were THRILLED to be caught up with “the news” during the day over social media. I love one comment that said, “I don’t think any baby was ever welcomed with as much love and excitement as this one”. Truly – it was a day to celebrate.

Luke - c1

The last year has been FULL of moments with #lukethomas. The first few months of his life he (and family) lived close by (and, for a few weeks, WITH us!)…and then a move to Oklahoma happened. It was absolutely the right thing for them – and knowing/believing that makes it a “little” (tiny bit) easier on this “Lolli” and “Papa”. I believe the longest we have ever gone (without seeing him) is 3 weeks…which is exactly 2 weeks and 6 days too long for this “Lolli”.

These pics were taken last weekend…after we met Britt half way and grabbed him for the weekend…


Twice in the last few weeks I’ve been asked about my love for this little boy. Both have been from young women asking me, “Are you REALLY that crazy over him…or are you just making your daughter feel good by talking about how much you miss him?” Let me assure you…TRULYTHE LOVE IS REAL!

“Happy First Birthday” to LUKE THOMAS LUCIA! I could not begin to post/write about ANYTHING else today. And, who knows…I might just write about you tomorrow…and the next day…and the day after that…!

(Oh…and about that time we got you almost naked in the backyard with a cupcake you didn’t like, just to try to get a pic for your “First Birthday Invite”…yeah – that was all your mommy’s fault!) 🙂

DSC_0013 DSC_0035

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