This Is the Woman I Want To Be!

A few months ago I received this really cool invitation (really it was more like a MAGAZINE!) for a conference for women. It was (to be honest) a little “over the top” but – had some awesome photos in it. I was flipping through it (probably a little judgmental – like, “Why did they spend all this money?”… hey – Just keeping it real!) and I was drawn to this one picture – which I’ve added to this posting.

I remember just sitting in my office and staring at it for a few minutes…I couldn’t get myself to turn the page – but didn’t know why. I just kept looking at it and thinking, “Why am I so drawn to THAT?” I cut it out and hung it on my bulletin board and then took a picture of it with my iphone – so I could download it to my computer…still not really “getting” why I liked it so much.

Then it hit me…”THIS IS THE WOMAN I WANT TO BE”…Someone that would just carry around a chair and plop down to sit and enjoy some spontaneous time with a friend. Often in my job (and certainly in my family life) I’m just busy gathering information or doing a task and then moving to the next person/thing. Often I have the “task” in mind – not the PERSON.

The women in this picture “get it” – they stopped in the middle of the road to have connection…to “commune” with each other. I would probably be tempted to say, “Yeah, let’s set a date when we can get together…OK – I’ll call you!” and then try to remember to make that happen. This looks like they just decided to “right here, right now” spend some time together! I LOVE THAT!

I have people in my life that I’ve been saying, “Yeah – we need to have that phone date” (Rhonda- my sweet sister/friend from middle school…I’m sorry) and people that have even ASKED me to give them a quick call (Lisa…ugh/yuck – can’t believe I STILL haven’t called you!), and I just don’t make it happen. I think it’s either going to take too long or I’m already running someplace else…or whatever other lame excuses I give myself at the moment.

So – I’m grateful for some ministry out there that decided to spend WAY TOO MUCH money on their advertising (wait…was that judgmental again?) because, while I’m not interested in going to their conference, one of their photos REALLY has challenged me! I’m ready to just plop down a chair and talk!

Headed to the garage to put two folding chairs in my trunk – Get ready people!!

5 thoughts on “This Is the Woman I Want To Be!

  1. I love this. It reminds me of when I did the Seasons of Sabbath retreat several weeks ago – complete quietness, I had my foldable chair on my shoulder, saw this rugged cross and decided that was my spot. Pulled out the chair, plopped down and spent time with God. It was my first experience like that and it was COOL. The other day when I was walking the dog at the park I started wishing I had my chair again … I totally get you on this one!


  2. Hmmm, I think I may copy you and put a couple of folding chairs in my trunk too! Actually, maybe a blanket too…sometimes, it would be good to just lie down on the grass and marvel at God's creation…


  3. Chasity: Can you send me the link/reminder on the next one (silent days with God). I had it saved someplace and now can't find it. I soooo want to do that!

    Lisa: GET READY GIRL…I'm calling.

    Amy: FloMo is NOT that far..we just need to make it happen!

    Sharone: We have to find a way to just “be” together – and not “work” all the time!! 🙂 I'm missing out on YOU – and I don't like that!


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